Chaa Creek Offers The Healthiest, Most Carefree Way To Explore The Best Of Belize

From Pickup at Belize’s International Airport Until Being Dropped Off, You Can Relax – You’re In Belize’s Most Experienced, Trusted Hands

We don’t know who it was that first referred to Chaa Creek as Belize’s “Destination Within The Destination,” but the description’s so apt that it stuck with us for years.

And, during these times when less contact equals more security for travelers, a one-stop-shop for all things Belizean makes more sense than ever.

Visit our onsite Butterfly Farm

Let us explain what’s behind this description, starting with a bit of background.

Set within a 400-acre private nature reserve established over time by the Fleming Family, The Lodge at Chaa Creek grew from a small working farm that welcomed guests to become one of Belize’s most highly regarded, full-service eco-resorts.

With the widest range of accommodations, amenities, and activities, including one of the country’s best restaurants and the internationally recognized Hilltop Spa, guests could always enjoy a completely satisfying vacation without leaving Chaa Creek.

photo of the macal river view suite accommodation interior at chaa creek resort

And for those visitors wishing to see more of Belize, Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions is one of the country’s oldest and most experienced tour and transport companies. Chaa Creek’s nationwide network of travel professionals, Unique Hotels of Belize partners and sister resorts on the Caribbean Coast, Reef and Cayes, makes for easy, seamless, and confident travel anywhere in Belize.

photo of big rock waterfalls in mountain pine ridge, Cayo, Belize, Central America
The stunning Big Rock Waterfalls in Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo, Belize

And we understand how important this confidence is for families, couples, groups and anyone traveling these days.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions are both government Tourism Gold Standard Certified, adding another level of peace of mind to our 40 years’ experience and trusted reputation.

Here’s an example of how it works.

After a short flight, you arrive at Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport. Because you’ve already downloaded the Belize government’s handy Belize Health App*, and have proof of a recent, negative COVID PCR test, you breeze right through customs and immigration after a quick digital temperature check and footwear sanitizing.

photo of passengers disembarking an american airlines flight at belize philip goldson airport

Doesn’t knowing that everyone else entering Belize has done the same make you feel better?

And, with American Airlines now offering  pre-flight COVID testing that you can take in the comfort of your home, complete with a virtual visit with a medical professional, and results within 48 hours, it’s easier than ever to be good to go.

letsgetchecked coronavirus test kit american airlines preflight tests

That feeling of confidence continues after arrival. Tourism Gold Standard Certified means that everyone and everything connected with Chaa Creek has met – and continues to meet– rigorous screening to ensure that protocols and practices designed to safeguard guests, employees and local communities are in place.

chaa creek staff preparing for gold standards operations
Chaa Creek staff preparing for gold standards operations

Belize and Chaa Creek’s approach is two-pronged.  Everyone’s wellbeing comes first, followed by our visitors’ enjoyment being as little impacted as possible. With plenty of space between accommodations and amenities, a gently flowing river and vast rainforests continually refreshing the air, Chaa Creek’s nature-based tourism already had a built-in advantage.

aerial photo of the chaa creek private nature reserve property including the river

Now, with common sense measures such as an abundance of hand sanitising stations, masks and social distancing in shared areas, a bit more space between tables and chairs in the restaurant and around the pool, and specialised training for staff and drivers, we’re confident of providing the safest possible vacation with the least disruption to the casually luxurious Belize experience Chaa Creek has always offered.

photo of contactless hand sanitizing station at chaa creek
Contactless hand sanitizing stations across the property

And with our Tourism Gold Standard Certified hotel partners, and our own fleet of scrupulously maintained vehicles, guests can visit ancient Maya sites, the Caribbean coast, the world’s second largest barrier reef and sandy cayes, or travel anywhere in Belize in comfort and safety.

Belize’s “Destination Within The Destination” didn’t necessarily get better – it just became more relevant. With such a range of onsite attractions and offsite adventures available; all under the Chaa Creek umbrella of quality, convenience and safety, your Belize vacation is as relaxing, carefree and enjoyable as ever.

Enjoy complimentary canoeing on the Macal River

Speak with your travel agent, or contact Chaa Creek directly, and one of our Belize vacation planners will be happy to chat with you, answer questions, and help create a rainforest getaway guaranteed to stimulate the senses and soothe the soul.

If ending 2020 surrounded by pristine nature while enjoying lovely accommodations, delicious farm-to-table dining, healthy activities and exciting experiences sounds good right now, we invite you to get in touch – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy, safe and affordable a Chaa Creek Belize vacation can be.

belize romantic getaways breakfast in bed villa
Enjoy breakfast on the Balcony of your accommodation amidst the Belize’s tropical rainforest

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