Wishing You A Joyful Easter – From All of Us At Chaa Creek

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  1. It seems fitting that spring arrives just as travel and other restrictions slowly begin to ease.
  2. Hope
  3. In short - we look forward to seeing you!

Easter, as a celebration of rejuvenation, regrowth and rebirth, holds a special significance for many of us this year. And here at Chaa Creek, and throughout Belize, those universal themes of renewal resonate with more meaning than ever.

It seems fitting that spring arrives just as travel and other restrictions slowly begin to ease.

birds of belize violatious trogon compressed
Gartered Trogon

Surrounded by so much vibrant nature, at a time when flowers blossom, birds sing while building nests, river banks grow lush, and the world seems to come alive, we can’t help but hope that all this renewal is heralding a return to the way of life we and our guests have enjoyed every springtime over the last forty years.

Even with Belize’s famously temperate climate, it feels as if we’re joining the entire world in emerging from a particularly long, cold and barren winter.

photo of big rock waterfalls in mountain pine ridge, Cayo, Belize, Central America

So this year we’re doing what people all across the world have been doing at Easter time for centuries

We’re rejoicing.

Of course, we realise that this wintery time is not yet over – that many people are still grieving over losses and struggling to get by.  But now we can feel that universal sentiment that Easter always reminds us to share and celebrate:  


No matter your spiritual beliefs, religious affiliations or world view, everyone finds comfort in hope.

And if we look for hope, we’ll find it  – in the rollout of new vaccines, businesses back up and running, schools reopening, friends and families back together, and in the ability to travel again.

photo of passengers disembarking an american airlines flight at belize philip goldson airport

Experiencing new cultures, taking in new landscapes, enjoying new experiences, gaining new perspectives – for many of us, travel makes life that much richer, more meaningful and rewarding.

And while things may not be moving as quickly as we’d like, we’re fortunate that living in Belize lets us see how patient nature is as she reawakens. Watching birds repair nests or build new ones, leafcutter ants marching along in long lines to carry their green treasures back home, iguanas waiting for mates up above the rivers… it all reminds us that nature moves at her own pace.


And never stops.

That’s our Easter wish to you. That you’ll find hope and join us in this yearly celebration of the promise of resurrection, acknowledging that life finds a way to renew and flourish even after the darkest of times.

We also want to wish you all the happiness that comes from being with family and friends, of seeing smiles as people begin to take off masks and move that much closer to each other.

And, of course, we hope to greet many of you again and welcome new guests to our rainforest home.

In short – we look forward to seeing you!

With wishes for a healthy, relaxing, and joyous Easter,

The Fleming Family and all of us at Chaa Creek

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