3 Steps To A Romantic Belize Vacation

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  1. What Makes A Destination Romantic? 
  2. A New Locale For New Memories
  3. Romance In The Rainforest
  4. Set Your Own Pace—Together

There’s a lot to love in Belize. Sure, immediate thoughts of your favorite rom-coms likely includes Paris, France or even Santorini, Greece, but don’t let your imagination stop just there. And in a (post) COVID travelscape, romantic jaunts now include a different type of luxury: where sunshine and social distancing are baked into intimate, tucked-away eco-escapes.

Instead, give yourself extra breathing room to explore, wander, and linger together in Belize.

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Even for those of us most in love, this pandemic has been a tough season to get through. We hate to use the phrase “disconnect to reconnect,” but there’s no denying it: on vacation, you’re unfettered from deadlines and even from doom-scrolling on social media.

After a year like 2020, we could all likely use a little less time on our devices, and a little more time unobstructed one-on-one time rediscovering each other. 

What Makes A Destination Romantic?

Yes, it’s virtually easy to connect from any corner of the world these days—including a 400-acre private reserve—but vacation allows us to quiet distractions for uninterrupted bonding.


Essentially, to simply focus on what matters most: one another. And according to travel advisor Amina Deamon of Perspectives Travel, there are two elements that make a destination romantic. 

“One is having the time and space to appreciate the things you may not be able to at home—and that both people in the relationship are able to enjoy each moment as it’s happening.” 

More than just warm weather, Belize may be your first test as a newly married couple, but not to worry: it’s an easy one. Some couples want adventure while others want pure luxury. But no matter how disparate that may seem, they all have one thing in common: every couple wants their honeymoon to be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience


And for couples deep into a partnership, Belize offers an equally important occasion to switch gears, recharge, and realign. We’re talking about making the cliché of falling in love again a real possibility.

A New Locale For New Memories

Couples will need to compromise on the right blend of utter relaxation and thrilling adventure, since your day could easily start a number of ways.

If you’re staying in Belize’s Cayo District, that may mean canoeing the Macal River, hiking to nearby waterfall splash pools for a picnic against majestic Pine Trees, or even conquering all 141 feet of ancient steps inside Belize’s largest Maya ruin Caracol. 

Can you do either of those at home? That’s what we thought too. First element of a romantic destination, check. 

Now, element number two—that’s up to the both of you.

Luckily, there’s destinations in Belize that put you face-to-face with togetherness, plus a few dashing details. Where there’s a heady amount of wide-open spaces, service that translates to your presence feeling singular, and all the opulence to indulge in together before retreating to candlelit dinners, wooed by harmonizing cicadas. 

Romance In The Rainforest

Far more elegant than what’s expected of an eco-lodge, The Lodge at Chaa Creek has carved its way into a new era of luxury in Belize with its Ix Chel Villas. Surrounded by nothing but a dense sea of emerald green-vistas overlooking the Macal River in the distance, Chaa Creek does rest, relaxation and romance differently. 


Inside, each element practically oozes romanticism into verdant tropical vistas, privacy is defined by floor-to-ceiling glass walls that flood the private plunge pool, jacuzzi, al fresco shower from all 180 degrees. You’ve got access to everything on the grounds of this private reserve, but realistically, who can bear to leave your balcony when it’s got this view?

Seperate the swathe of birdsong over the deep hum of brewing coffee as a welcomed distraction—and both can be enjoyed from your king-sized bed. You see, the Ix Chel Villas rest on two separate plazas of two suites each, which comes with a personal butler.

Thanks to the reliable internet on the grounds for service on demand, you and your partner may forget that anybody else is even there; there’s the secluded feeling of being miles away from everything else, which is half of the allure all in itself.  

Set Your Own Pace—Together

From here, you can both set the pace for the day ahead however you see fit. That could mean doing absolutely nothing but dampening your finger from your private plunge pool to turn the page in a riveting novel, or an Invigorating Rainforest Massage at the Hilltop Spa.


The real romance is that you are enjoying yourselves, together. Remember, you’re on vacation, and there’s nothing more unromantic than trying to fit it all (or even too much) into one day. Take your time—wise men say only fools rush in. 

Looking for a sleepy few days in lush interiors? A lively trip to the local farmer’s market downtown? An opportunity to slip into your bathing suit or even hiking boots? Besides less people, a more sedate pace, and escapades right at your fingertips, the Cayo District is the start of a beautiful love affair with Belize.

Market Day in San Ignacio is one of the biggest in Belize!

What could be more romantic? We can’t think of much.

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