This Belize Eco-resort was selected as a finalist in Newsweek’s Future of Travel Awards 2021

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In a world where the future of travel is being questioned at length, there are those in the tourism industry whose thought leadership has given hope to both wanderlusters and travel destinations. Travel in a post-pandemic world has become synonymous with longing, hesitation and perhaps even guilt. This makes travelers’ decisions on where to vacation more thought provoking than ever before. Luckily, there are worthy resorts whose efforts in giving back to the world have been rightfully recognized, leading them to become the blazing pioneers in the future of travel.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s premier Eco-lodge, has been recognized as one of these appreciated resorts by the prominent publication Newsweek. As a leading news magazine and website known all over the world for their high-quality journalism, Newsweek has listed Chaa Creek as a finalist in their Future of Travel Awards 2021. Sharing the spotlight with many other reputable properties around the world, Chaa Creek graces the list in the Best Places to Stay category.

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According to Newsweek, the Future of Travel Awards “highlight those who are creating a travel industry for the future—one that’s more adaptable, sustainable, responsible, innovative and inclusive.” This line resonates with Chaa Creek’s homegrown and enduring ethos. As a multiple award-winning Ecolodge – both abroad and in Belize – this San Ignacio resort has proven time and again there is more to luxury stays than decadent bedding and panoramic jungle views (though Chaa Creek happens to have both.)

As travelers set their eyes gingerly on non-mass touristic destinations, Chaa Creek keeps rising to the top based on its four decades of regenerative travel and affinity for nature-based adventure. This is a proven combo sorely needed in a time where we can no longer afford to ignore the urgency of climate change and the need to remain grounded. It’s nothing to sneeze at – that out of hundreds of nominees, Chaa Creek was selected as a finalist – and with good reason.


Belize for family vacation photo of family after getting covid19 PCR test onsite
Chaa Creek guests after being administered their COVID test to return home

When the world was brought to its knees by a pandemic that left the tourism industry in shambles, those at Chaa Creek knew the importance of health and safety being of utmost priority. As of today, the entirety of the lodge’s staff is fully vaccinated. This proves to visitors that there’s no need to sacrifice adventure and fun while also being safe. The Lodge also established an on-site clinic for rapid COVID-19 testing, an appreciated convenience for guests.


organic Maya farm at chaa creek resort lettuce

Living sustainably regeneratively was Chaa Creek’s default way of living way before the whispers of the “green trend” arrived on Belize’s shores. Their Maya Organic Farm has provided true farm-to-table cuisine to the on-site restaurant, Mariposa. Integrating traditional Maya farming, the 33-acre farm is available to guests who wish to see how fruits and vegetables are wholesomely grown and freshly harvested.


chaa creek team vaccinated against covid19
chaa creek staff preparing for gold standards operations

When Belize reopened for travel back in October of 2020, the question on many visitors’ minds was: how can you ensure we will be safe? As part of its efforts to ensure each and every guest – and staff – was protected, The Lodge at Chaa Creek made it their mission to become Gold Standard Certified. A certification program drafted by the Belize Tourism Board, the Gold Standard initiative was created to encourage hotels to implement health and safety protocols at every touchpoint in the guests’ journey. The 9-point criteria included having a Gold Standard manager, enhanced sanitization practices, contactless payment services, among others. Chaa Creek implemented all of these and more, putting the guests’ minds at ease when visiting.


belize blue morpho butterfly cocoon at chaa creek

When journalist Ali Wunderman found a cocooning Blue Morpho butterfly in her room, her immediate thought was to document it for all the readers of Travel & Leisure to swoon over. The unique amenity revolves around guests being greeted by a butterfly cocoon in their rooms, ready to emerge by the time they leave the lodge. A beautiful transition witnessed in the flesh, this small act highlights Chaa Creek’s inclination to innovation.


Apart from nature-based projects such as these, Chaa Creek, through its Chaa Creek Cares initiatives, also hosts multiple programs benefiting kids in the community. From their Eco Summer Camp to the Pack-A-Pound program, the lodge makes sure to give back as much as possible to Belize’s future leaders.


With Chaa Creek hitting all these marks and more, it’s no wonder Newsweek saw the lodge as worthy of being a finalist for their coveted Future of Travel Awards 2021. Of course, none of this would be possible without the outstanding and resilient Chaa Creek staff, whose efforts do not go unnoticed. Thanks to their dedication and passion for the lives they impact at Chaa Creek, the caliber of luxury and care that the resort emits is second to none.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek would also like to thank its invaluable guests, who supply the wherewithal for our being and the added heartbeats to out rhythm. Luckily, they always seem to find an excuse to return to the Lodge for more unforgettable moments and memories.

Fancy a trip to the Caribbean or Central America? The Lodge at Chaa Creek has some great travel offers at this time, which you can browse here: – let’s celebrate The Future of Travel!

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