The Best “Moons” You Can Take In Belize Other Than A Honeymoon

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  1. Here are some more options to a traditional Belize Honeymoon
  2. Buddymoon
  3. Minimoon
  4. Familymoon
  5. Megamoon/Maximoon
  6. For the traditional couple:

Here are some more options to a traditional Belize Honeymoon

Throughout the years, we have had a front-row seat to millennials changing the travel industry to fit travelers’ evolving needs and values. From traveling regeneratively to uncrowded places to opting for slow travel instead of country-hopping and emitting more carbon footprints, these folks continue to change the game. And they have done it again. For a few years now, there have been new types of travel involving a honeymoon; trends that gained traction thanks to savvy travelers. Enter the buddymoon, minimoon, familymoon and megamoon.

It’s no secret Belize is a notoriously known honeymoon destination. How can it not be? With its raging fiery sunsets, hundreds of private islands, and luxurious resorts that keep winning awards in the romance category, Belize screams couple’s getaway. TheKnot even recently listed Belize as the perfect place for a blend of both an adventure and beach honeymoon destination. It stands to reason, then, that with a reputation for oozing romance, Belize will nail any other “moon” that comes its way.

romantic adventure at xunantunich mayan ruins with couple

The last 18 months upended the lives of many excited newly-weds-to-be, with destination weddings having to be scaled down or postponed. Couples who got married in the shadow of a pandemic had to pivot regarding their highly anticipated honeymoon. Some took “familymoons,” some waited until they were vaccinated, and others opted for a short, quick getaway. Thankfully, Belize fit the bill for all of these types of “moons.” Here are some to keep in mind should you want to switch up the traditional honeymoon.


belize buddymoon at chaa creek resort

Gone is the saying “three’s a crowd” with the buddymoon. TravelPulse defined the term as “a honeymoon in which the bride and groom also have their best friends join them for their vacation.” Whereas traditionally the bride and groom skedaddle as soon as they’re out the wedding venue’s doors, the buddymoon allows them to bring along their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sure, a honeymoon is known to be a time just for you and your better half, but imagine how much more fun it would be to go group-snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea?  Or be all bound together literally when cave tubing at Nohoch Che’en Caves? Belize has plenty of options in catering to group travel. Besides, you and your plus one can always sneak away for a couple’s massage at Chaa Creek or a romantic dinner for two at Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio before meeting up with your friends again. 



Some couples aren’t up for the long-winded, chock-full itineraries when on a honeymoon. Others simply don’t have the time to take a longer honeymoon either due to work or scheduling conflicts. This is where the “minimoon” comes in. Instead of spending a week or two at a tropical destination, why not opt for a short weekender instead? Belize’s petite size – and close proximity to major US-based airport hubs – makes it ideal to explore the best the country has to offer in just a few days. Fly in on a Thursday or Friday and spend the weekend scouring two or three regions in Belize. You could spend the first day in San Ignacio and roam the Mountain Pine Ridge region via Chaa Creek’s Inland Expeditions, then make your way to Placencia for some beach bumming. 


belize wedding vows renewal at chaa creek resort

If this past year has soberly reminded us of anything, it’s that family is one of the most important things in our lives. Recently, more travelers are opting for family getaways after not being able to see their loved ones for months on end. And on top of having to have small, contained weddings, couples are more than happy to bring along their relatives on a honeymoon. The “familymoon” allows the said family a chance to celebrate the love of the newlyweds in a beautiful destination. They get to feel the love, too! Some great Belize activities that are family-centric involve a mix of adventure and culture. Try the chocolate making tour in San Ignacio, or snorkeling with sharks at Shark Ray Alley. Each of these memories will be enlivened with the presence of family, we’re sure. 


belize adventure beach jungle couple

For those wanderlusting couples whose every fibre and being craves travel, the megamoon was the honeymoon plan all along. Often referred to as a “maximoon,” the megamoon is less one-week-in-Ambergris-Caye and more one-month-driving-cross-country in Belize. These are for those lovebirds that go all out; travel is in their DNA and the honeymoon is just an excuse to exploit it. For a megamoon in Belize, you can start at the very north of Belize and make your way down, hitting all the lovely quaint villages along the way. Having six-districts in total, you could easily see a lot in one (or three) months in Belize. Rent a car and take a massive trip-of-a-lifetime that encapsulates your megamoon.

For the traditional couple:

belize jungle resorts couples romantic poolside dinner
Under The Stars dinner at The Lodge at Chaa Creek

All of the above “moons” have their own undeniable perks, but maybe you and your better half truly do want to spend some one-on-one time with each other. That’s the point of a honeymoon, anyway! So if you’re eyeing Belize as a honeymoon destination, you can still have one with the extravagance of a “megamoon,” the warmth of a “family/buddymoon” and the convenience of a “minimoon” all rolled into one. How? With an exclusive, customized honeymoon package.

ray caye belize private island aerial photo honeymoon experience
Ray Caye Private Island Resort

This is where Chaa Creek and Raye Caye Island Resort have partnered to bring the best of both worlds to newlyweds. Imagine: three nights in the jungle treetops at a luxurious villa to another three nights at a luxurious beachfront suite. If that’s not the epitome of a honeymoon, we don’t know what is. The 6-night, 7-day Belize honeymoon package also takes care of everything, from transfers and accommodations to tours, meals and more.

The Prince Harry Tree Top Villa at Chaa Creek

You’ll go birdwatching and sunset canoeing at Chaa Creek, knowing the latter half of your vacation will be spent snorkeling with turtles bookended by a romantic beach dinner at Raye Caye. Pampered by the exclusive amenities included in this package, there’s no better way to celebrate the love of your life than in Belize. 

For exclusive details on what’s included in the package, feel free to call our concierge at US: +1-877-709-8708. 

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