Fun In The Sun: Spring Breaking In Belize For Every Type Of Traveler

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  1. For The Lovebirds
  2. For The Thrill-Seekers
  3. For The Family-Oriented

2021 is nearing its end – but that doesn’t mean your dreams of adventures in Belize have to be. In fact, our New Year’s Resolution is teeming with new ways to become a well-traveled citizen of the world. We may be enjoying the last of our holiday season, a.k.a prime vacation time, before getting back to the grind of work or school. But not to fear: the next window of opportunity is a few, short months away. (And if 2021 has taught us anything, it is that time really does fly by.) We’re talking, of course, about Spring Break.

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Belize has been a top Spring Break vacation for the savvy traveler for years, and it’s easy to see why. Unfettered adventures, hundreds of beaches and the ever-present warm glow of the sun are Spring Break criteria Belize meets easily. Not only do you deserve a springtime getaway after the challenging past couple of years, but spending time here has perks. The thing about a place like Belize where the sun shines year-round is that you can vacation however you like. Whether you’re gifting your kids a well-earned trip, surprising your better half with a romantic getaway, or searching for adventure within the jungles of Belize. It’s safe to say the options for Spring Breaking in Belize are limitless.  

For The Lovebirds

things to do in belize spring break 2022 horseback riding in jungle

It doesn’t matter if you’re smitten young lovebirds or veterans in the relationship scene, every couple needs some R&R. Life may have gotten in the way for many of us in 2021, which will make a 2022 getaway all the much sweeter. Give your relationship the nutrition it deserves by curating a romantic getaway in Belize. To rekindle the friendship, opt for some good ol’ fashioned horseback riding through the jungle. At Chaa Creek, you’ll spend the hour exploring the vast 400-acre reserve and coming across all sorts of wildlife. There’s nothing here to distract you from chatting up your soulmate other than the occasional holler of a howler monkey. The winds of March will make their presence known as the broadleaf trees sway around you and your four-legged companion. Out here, you’ll learn exactly what type of equestrian your significant other is. Are they the impatient, excited rider? Or do they prefer to take it slow and drink in the surroundings? There’s only one way to find out!

woman getting outdoor massage at chaa creek hilltop spa

Back at the lodge, get ready to indulge in the Hilltop Spa everyone seems to be gushing about. A couple’s massage is calling your names, and who are you to say no? Bestow your beloved the gift that is Chaa Creek’s massage therapists’ skillful hands. Take your pick from a full body seaweed wrap, Silk Body Polish or the reliable mani-pedi combo. Close off your romance-filled day with a romantic candle-lit dinner by the infinity-edge pool.

romantic dinner setup poolside at chaa creek

For The Thrill-Seekers


Spring Break doesn’t have to revolve around beaches, as is evident with the multitude of adventure activities at your disposal. The thrill-seeker won’t run out of of-the-beaten-path experiences come March or April. For instance, adrenaline junkies will be happy to learn Spring Break coincides with Whale Shark Season in Belize. Diving enthusiasts can prepare for a week chasing the elusive gentle giant somewhere off Gladden Spit Marine Reserve. If you prefer land adventures to marine ones, the Cayo district has got you covered.

cave tubing in belize 2022

Book a cave-tubing and ziplining combo with our concierge to start making memories worthy of a Spring break trip. Springing through the jungle canopy while hundreds of feet in the air is the epitome of spring vacation. This ziplining experience is only made better when paired with mystical cave tubing. Bobbing down on a river tube as you enter “Xibalba” – the cave entrance – is a core memory that you’ll share for years to come. The added benefit of booking this during Spring is knowing there will be no crowds to muffle the natural sounds of the cave.

For The Family-Oriented

Kids Parents Easter Egg Hunt Chaa Creek

For many, Spring Break was first and foremost for families to venture off to new places and fill up their Facebook photo albums. The convenience of Belize’s location and fully serviced resorts makes those family trips even easier. For the big 2022 family vacation, your best bet is booking during the Easter holidays. Belize goes all out for this holiday, with special traditions and events taking place across the nation. One way to join in the fun is by participating in Chaa Creek’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. While kids do enjoy the thrill of the event, there’s no age limit on the fun to be had. The hunting for colorful eggs in the jungles of Belize makes for an exciting venture. But the fun doesn’t stop there. As you zoom your eyes over and under the shrubbery, Chaa Creek’s naturalist guides will be imparting knowledge on the natural beauty around you. Learn about the birds, the wildlife and the plants found on Chaa Creek’s forested property.

belize spring break family vacation with blue morpho butterfly

Once your kids have found all the eggs – and learned more about Mother Nature – take the little ones up to the Blue Morpho butterfly exhibit. Watch the joy light up their faces when a Blue Morpho butterfly perches on their shoulder. Our butterfly guides will share all the interesting facts when it comes to these Belize butterflies. In fact, the kaleidoscope of butterflies, fruits and flowers in the exhibit resemble a giant Easter basket, so the visit is fitting for the occasion. Haven’t had your fill of wildlife yet? Take the little ones to see the exotic – and furry – animals at the Belize Zoo. Located about an hour away from the lodge, the Belize Zoo will easily become a highlight of your family vacation.

puma at the belize zoo for spring break 2022


Spring Breaking in Belize doesn’t have to be restricted to beach and sun (though Belize does have plenty of both.) You can raise the notch on each itinerary, no matter what type of journey you’re searching for. To help give you even more motivation, Chaa Creek has two exclusive offers in 2022 that help you save BIG! At the very least, the month of March will turn into something to look forward to again.

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