Here’s Why You Should Go Big In Belize In 2022

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  1. Embrace spontaneity in Belize
  2. Go all-in on Belize’s culture 
  3. Treat yourself in Belize 
  4. Seek new sensations

Bucket lists were made for dream vacations, seemingly impossible goals, and doubled as a wishlist for if and when you won the lottery. There was no limit to what got a coveted spot on your prized list. But for many, these simply remained as what they started – dreams. Perhaps some were too far-reaching, too far-flung, or far too out of their comfort zone. But now we’re navigating through an era where folks are wringing as much enrichment as possible out of their travels. How do we know? Well, travelers said so themselves.

Expedia’s newest Travel Trends report revealed as much. In 2022, travelers are vowing to go all out, embracing a “no-regrets” style of travel. The gigantic travel site dubbed the trend as having a GOAT (Greatest Of All Trips) mindset. For travelers, the sky is the limit (and perhaps, not even then, if we factor in sky diving over Belize’s Great Blue Hole.) Tired of postponing or canceling trips and destination events, wanderlusters have adapted a no-holds-barred vacay. Travelers cited seeking both excitement and exhilaration in the new year. Luckily, a small Caribbean country in Central America is just the place to have your very own GOAT. 

Embrace spontaneity in Belize

No longer are rigid itineraries seen as the foolproof way to make the most out of your vacation. With 2020 and 2021 chock-full of cancellations, postponements, and TBAs, it’s no wonder a schedule is merely seen as a loose guideline. Expedia’s report shared 25% of responders were willing to be more spontaneous and live in the moment. Another 26% want to be more flexible and “go with the flow.”


There are plenty of opportunities to hop on that spontaneity bandwagon in Belize. The blessing of being in a small country is that many experiences can be created on a whim. There’s no need for booking months in advance, especially when things can change at break-neck speed in a COVID-era. If you land in Belize and decide you want to stop at the Belize Zoo on the way to Chaa Creek, you definitely can. Early morning impromptu hike on our 400-acre nature reserve? Easy peasy. Or maybe you suddenly fancy a stroll at the top of an ancient Maya temple just a half-hour away from the lodge. All of this is doable, especially when staying at a central hub such as San Ignacio town.

Posing at the base of El Castillo, the second tallest man-made structure in Belize

Go all-in on Belize’s culture

It goes without saying when you go big, you gotta go all in. More travelers are looking less at Instagrammable lists and more at get-me-out-of-my-comfort-zone experiences. In fact, 19% of travelers are hoping to immerse themselves in destinations and cultures completely different from their own, according to Expedia. In Belize, you’ll be thrown outside your mundane routine almost by default. With the Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya, Creole, Mennonite, and more calling Belize home, there’s no way you’ll leave Belize without encountering interesting people.

Garifuna culture as seen in Dangriga, Belize

To truly take the reins on your GOAT, go all-in on diversifying your palate. Forty percent of surveyed travelers want to try food they’ve never eaten before, and we totally understand their reason. Biting into a spice-ridden artfully glazed cuisine perfected after centuries of tradition is a great place to start. Take the first step by booking Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth Hands-on Culinary Experience. Not only will you fall in love with various cultures’ foods, but you’ll learn how to make them, too. Dive into what makes the beloved rice & beans the unofficial national dish of the Creole culture. Or form the habit of adding chaya leaves on everything like the Maya.

Mayan food subanik
A delicious Maya Kak’ik Soup

Treat yourself in Belize

What better way to make up for lost time than going all out while in Belize? You deserve the same royal treatment Prince Harry enjoyed at a wildly civilized eco-resort such as Chaa Creek. As reported, a whopping 40% of travelers are willing to treat themselves to something extraordinary in 2022. So why not Join the freedom migration by engaging your senses in a rejuvenating spa day at our world recognized full service Hilltop Spa.

Set above the winding Macal River with sweeping vistas of the surrounding jungle and the resounding calls of nature; rustling palms and melodious birdsong will ease your spirit and revitalize your core as Chaa Creek’s specialized therapists perform their magic. Utilizing the rainforest around them as their guide for a personalized spa experience, only nature based and tested ingredients are used.

If an alfresco massage isn’t on your 2022 New Year’s Resolution, there’s still plenty of time to pencil it in and if you need a recommendation just call Prince Harry!

tripadvisor travellers choice top 21 small hotels central america 2021 chaa creek resort aerial

Seek new sensations

We’re all familiar with stomach butterflies caused by plunging rollercoasters. But what if a similar feeling could be found in the jungles of Belize? Zipping through the rainforest canopy, your laughter will be bubbling out of you as your stomach drops to your toes. This is ziplining, a high-adrenaline activity that 41% of people want to feel when on vacation. One-fifth of Expedia’s surveyed travelers expressed wanting to try things they would never usually do. It’s a good thing Belize over-delivers in that department. You can have your choice of waterfall-rappeling down a giant waterfall, or wading into the skeleton-dominated ATM cave in Cayo. And these are just a sprinkling of high-activity experiences you can cross off your Belize bucket list.

Belize Rainforest Zipline
Experience the thrill of zip-lining through Belize’s jungle canopy

It’s safe to say in 2022, “likes” are out and authenticity is in. Belize sure is easy on the eyes, so it never had a problem with the former. But when it comes to authentic and enriching experiences, there’s no better place than the pocket-sized Central American country. Mindful travel is also included in the GOAT trend, an area Belize has not only embraced but thrived in. With regenerative resorts like Chaa Creek encouraging travelers to prioritize well-being along with the environment, Belize will have this GOAT trend knocked out of the park.

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