Best Things To Do In Belize For Family Vacation

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  1. For the young adventurer On A Belize Family Vacation
  2. For the historian in the making On a Belize Family Vacation
  3. For the curious mind On A Belize Family Vacation
  4. For the animal lover On A Belize Family Vacation

When it comes to enjoying Belize, there is no age limit. The tropical country is such a versatile destination that it can’t help but attract travelers at all stages of life. This means when your little ones come begging for a family vacation at the start of summer, you have no option but to oblige them with a trip to sunny Belize. Not only is the Caribbean country conveniently close, but it contains activities for every type of kid. Say goodbye to the bored expressions and exasperated sighs you’re used to during the school year. Belize is in session!

For the young adventurer On A Belize Family Vacation

young kid ziplining in belize on family vacation
Ziplining in Belize is a fun adventure!

Raising a miniature Devil-May-care youngster may have you constantly trying to put their bold energy to good use. You won’t need to look very hard when in Belize. Take your kiddo to (literal) new heights by introducing them to ziplining. There’s no freer feeling than soaring through the jungle canopies in Belize. And you’ll see it proven by their big, toothy smiles once they let go of Mommy and Daddy and glide to the other side of the rainforest.

spot an iguana on the riverbanks in belize on a family vacation

If your little one likes adventures a little closer to the ground, you can’t go wrong with river-tubing. There are more ways than one to explore the many waters Belize holds. River tubing is arguably the most fun. Sitting back on an inner tube and letting the currents of the Macal river gently carry you is relaxing as it is exhilarating. The experience is a twofer since you inadvertently witness the thriving wildlife engulfing the banks of the river. This is a perfect mini ecological lesson for the kiddos, too. Watch them gush over the massive, orange iguanas lounging on the trees.

spot howler monkeys in belize on a family vacation

Or hear their squeals when spotting a howler monkey swinging from branch to branch. They may have seen textbook photos in Science class, but nothing’s like hearing them roar in real life.

For the historian in the making On a Belize Family Vacation

aerial photo of xunantunich belize mayan ruins on family vacation
Aerial view of the majestic Xunantunich Mayan structure “El Castillo”

You may have a little historian on your hands if your child’s favorite fictional character is Indiana Jones. Luckily, Belize is teeming with historical remnants that would make any Indy fan go wild. Take a family trip to nearby Xunantunich near San Ignacio Town, where the ancient Maya once roamed the expansive plaza. Climb to the top of the El Castillo Maya temple and drink in the view of the valley, river, and jungle below. Your child will learn all about the once-thriving civilization and the various miraculous accomplishments they are known for.

san ignacio belize aerial wide photo
The picturesque town of San Ignacio

In the afternoon, you can continue the history expedition by taking a walk down Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Town. This historic avenue is a pillar in the community and you can sample many local dishes here. Your child will come across people from all walks of life, opening their minds to different worlds. For a quick introduction to all things Belize, simply make your way to Chaa Creek’s on-site Natural History Center. Your child will see archeological artifacts first-hand and be subjected to a comprehensive history lesson on the beautiful country.

For the curious mind On A Belize Family Vacation

Eco kids summer camp 2018 day 3 maya chocolate

Children who are more curious than others tend to use their own hands so their senses are stimulated. The inquisitive mind is rarely satisfied, but we’re sure with a chocolate-making experience, your little one will love the process as well as the reward. During the excursion, the family will learn the history of the cacao and its importance to Belize’s past. You’ll learn the process of roasting and grinding the beans by hand to produce the deliciousness we’ve come to love.

Another highly stimulating activity is the Nature Quest Treasure Hunt at this Belize Jungle Resort. It was founded on the basis to create an educational yet fun experience for children. This guided rainforest adventure is a fun way to become familiar with Belize’s marvels hidden in the jungles.

For the animal lover On A Belize Family Vacation

belize zoo jaguar photo roaming feb 2022
A jaguar roaming its space at the Belize Zoo

Endearingly known as the world’s “Best Little Zoo” the Belize Zoo is a guest-favorite. Especially since it’s on the way to Chaa Creek when coming from the international airport. Home to Jaguars, Ocelots, Harpy Eagles, and even Keel-Billed Toucans, the Zoo is a dream come true for animal lovers. Your kids will quickly become attached upon seeing the exotic inhabitants mew, caw, roar, and chirp at visitors. While you may not be able to take home that fluffy margay, you can still adopt an animal! (Metaphorically, of course.) The Belize Zoo offers an Adopt an Animal program which funds the animals’ various needs. Your contribution will go toward food, medicine, and the pampering of your chosen adoptive animal.

To see critters in a more no holds barred setting, Chaa Creek’s Creatures of the Night experience delivers. Play “I Spy” with the kiddos to see who spots a kinkajou first. Alternate between keeping an eye on the ground and looking at the trees above. You never know when you might miss an owl in the branch above your head or a slithery friend on the ground below!

It’s easy to see a trip to Belize can be an education-packed adventure that a four-walled classroom can’t contain. When asked to share their summer experiences with the class, your child is bound to instill awe (and maybe a bit of jealousy) in each and every classmate.

If you’ve made the decision to provide an enriching summer for your kids, give us a call at 1-877-709-8708 or email us at reservations[at]chaacreek[dot]com.

Is Belize Safe For Family Vacation?

Yes, Belize is considered one of the safest family destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. A large percentage of visitors to Belize are comprised of actual families.

What is the best place in Belize for family vacation?

This question ultimately depends on what you’re looking to experience on your Belize family vacation however, a great choice is The Lodge at Chaa Creek in western Belize. It has over 8 onsite activities for families to enjoy, and is the perfect base to explore Mayan Ruins, Ziplining, Caves, Waterfalls, and more in western Belize as it central to all major attractions.

What are the best family resorts in Belize?

We highly suggest checking out this blog article that shares the top 5 family resorts in Belize in no specific order:

How can my family give back when vacationing in Belize?

Chaa Creek’s Pack A Pound Program is a great way to give back to Belizeans when you’re vacationing in Belize. Chaa Creek encourages guests to share one pound of their luggage space for materials (pens, pencils, erasers, etc.) to be donated to a local school.

How much does a family vacation cost in Belize?

The cost all depends on your budget and travel style. This 4-night Belize Family Vacation Package for example features private airport transfers, authentic basket weaving classes, all meals, and guided onsite activities and costs $349 for kids between 6-11 and $662 for kids between 12-15.

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