The Ultimate Guide For Traveling With Your Grandkids This Summer

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  1. Traveling With The Grandkids This Summer? Here's Your Ultimate Guide!
  2. Involve The Kids In Planning
  3. Have The Required Travel Documents For Traveling With Kids
  4. Pack Light
  5. Schedule Downtime For The Kids
  6. Be Flexible With Your Family Itinerary
  7. Create Lifelong Memories

Traveling With The Grandkids This Summer? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide!

There’s no doubt that one of the strongest bonds in life is that of a grandparent and their grandchild. It makes sense, then, that grandparents are more than willing to schlep their grandkids along on far-flung vacations in hopes to keep that special connection solid. In fact, more grandparents are vacationing with their grandkids than ever before.

family vacation with grandparents and grandkids in belize

With a kiss goodbye to the weary parents (who are no doubt in much need of a break), grandpa and grandma are off to a tropical paradise with their bundles of joy in tow. By skipping the parents, the experience offers ample opportunity for bonding. Not only does grandma not have to wait to see her munchkins until Thanksgiving, but it also makes up for lost time caused by the pandemic.

Sure, our lovely grandparents may be on a slower pace. But this doesn’t mean the trip has to be boring. In fact, this new type of “skip-generation” travel can thrive in the right destination


Teeming with stunning attractions and always right on the cusp of being wildly civilized, Belize packs a punch for skip-gen travel. Here are some grand ideas to help you get started on a trip neither grandparent or grandkid shall ever forget.

Involve The Kids In Planning

Belize with family dining at Chaa Creek lookout

While it’s up to the grownups to take care of all the details in an international trip, it’s a good idea to involve the children when drafting the itinerary. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be doing the activities as well. Take into consideration their interests and their own bucket list experiences.

blue morpho butterfly sitting on person's hand

Asking the children their thoughts on the trip gets them excited and helps them look forward to it, especially if they’re hesitant to leave their mommy and daddy behind. It also helps see things from their perspective. What you thought was perhaps a run-of-the-mill activity might be otherworldly to them. Their inquisitive minds do not operate like ours do, drinking in every detail and adding a new splash of color in each memory. For instance, you might consider a butterfly exhibit intriguing at most, but little ones will go head-over-heels when witnessing the vibrant marvels flutter around them in a swarm. The experience suddenly becomes a tad more interesting, prompting us to look at the world with childlike wonder.

Have The Required Travel Documents For Traveling With Kids

child running in airport going on belize vacation with grandparents

When it’s finally time to jet off to sunny Belize, it’s easy to forget the essentials in all the excitement.

A gentle reminder that young children often need notarized permission letters from their parents or guardian in order to be able to fly. Have all the needed travel documents handy so there are no issues at immigration.

Kids can tend to be forgetful, so it’s best to leave the important documents, including the passports, in the care of the grandparents. It’s also a smart idea to keep a copy of all vaccination records, just in case.

Belize may have lifted most restrictions surrounding entry requirements, but it doesn’t hurt to have them handy.

Pack Light

gift shop artesan clothing at chaa creek belize resort

Lugging around a lot of suitcases can already be a hassle for any traveler. Add kids to the equation and the effort may double.

Make sure to discuss what everyone should bring and what really is needed. Luckily, Belize’s sunny disposition makes it fairly easy to pack light clothing.

As for toys, local gift shops are rife with artistic pieces that serve as both a souvenir and a way to keep the kids entertained. Children also tend to tire easily, so making each one have a carry-on might not be a smart move. Opt for spacious backpacks for easy carrying, and they can also be used when doing outdoor activities like climbing Maya ruins.

Schedule Downtime For The Kids

downtime for kids at chaa creek resort in belize swimming pool

As travelers to a new destination, it’s our natural instinct to tie in as many activities as possible so we don’t miss anything. But scheduling downtime – skip-gen trip or not – is so important. This allows our body – and mind – to rest if there has been a lot of back-to-back activities.

When it comes to traveling with grandkids, you’ll want to schedule time for naps if they are particularly young. This keeps them from being cranky throughout the day and also gives you a break from babysitting.

Be Flexible With Your Family Itinerary

belize family vacation kid making maya chocolate

Keep in mind that while you may have a perfectly paced itinerary, not everything may go according to plan. Kids can be unpredictable, and this spontaneity may impact certain items on the agenda. Perhaps one of the children no longer wants to go to the zoo, or another might find a certain activity “boring.”


Be patient and know there are myriad other adventurous activities in Belize to suit any taste. Certain experiences can be as fun as they are educational, too.

One experience that exposes them to history and cultural traditions is the chocolate making class in San Ignacio. Kids will have the chance to learn how to make their favorite sweet treat from scratch. This gifts them a new memory every time they bite into a dark chocolate candy bar from now on.

Create Lifelong Memories

Chaa Creek - Horseback-Riding

In the end, what makes a skip-gen Belize vacation worth it is the memories shared alongside two very different generations. This is further proof that pursuing new adventures has no age requirement. Pairing grandparents and their grandkids together also adds fresh perspectives to any experience.

jabiru stork bird at the belize zoo

Perhaps you may have forgotten the excitement you felt when you first laid eyes on a massive jabiru stork. But your grandson’s awestruck expression at seeing the prehistoric-looking bird at the Belize Zoo reminded you all over again. Or maybe your granddaughter is hesitant to hop onto the horse that will take her through the jungle on a wildlife trail. So you hold her gaze and show her how it’s done.

In each Belize experience, there’s a new bright-eyed angle to be found. You only have to be willing to share it with loved ones.

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