Belize Eco-Lodge Chaa Creek Awarded by TripAdvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice ‘Best of the Best’

The top 1% of anything is extraordinary. Top 1% of candidates, top 1% of athletes, even top 1% of earners whose income many of us may covet. Now imagine staying at a resort considered the top 1% of all hotels worldwide. It’s the very definition of extraordinary – and Belize’s The Lodge at Chaa Creek secured that achievement with ease.

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Highly acclaimed travel resource TripAdvisor recently announced 2022’s Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best awards. Chaa Creek was named among the winners as the best for small stays in the entirety of Central America. That’s a feat that’s nothing to sneeze at. Last year, the lodge earned the title of being in the top 10%. This year, it has moved up to being in the top 1% of all hotels in the world.

Kanika Soni, Chief Commercial Officer at TripAdvisor, congratulated all the winners and stated that this victory is brought by those who matter the most: the guests.

Emil a naturalist guide at Chaa Creek posing with a horse

“Ranking among the Best of the Best is always tough — but never more so than this year as we emerge from the pandemic,” Kanika writes in a press release. “Whether it’s using new technology, implementing safety measures, or hiring outstanding staff, I’m impressed by the steps you’ve taken to meet travelers’ new demands. You’ve adapted brilliantly in the face of adversity.”

Belize for family vacation photo of family after getting covid19 PCR test onsite
A family at Chaa Creek just after receiving their COVID19 test onsite

When it comes to adapting, Chaa Creek was one of the first to be recognized as a Gold Standard Resort by the Belize Tourism Board. The lodge also offered COVID testing on-site and took careful safety measures, all without compromising comfort and convenience. When Belize reopened, the lodge welcomed back guests while making sure they felt comfortable and safe doing so.

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Speaking of guests, the Lodge At Chaa Creek is no stranger to accolades. But the award is still thanks to the beloved travelers as they are the ones who review the hotels. According to TripAdvisor, the Traveler’s Choice Awards “honor the best in travel, recognizing the places that delivered the most exceptional experiences.”

And an honor it is, indeed.

Belize jungle resort private villa with pool at chaa creek

“Our family is thrilled to receive TripAdvisors’ highest award as the Best of the Best hotels in the world. Being recognized by real people writing authentic reviews about our little slice of home-grown paradise is a dream come true,” owner Lucy Fleming shares.

Belize with family dining at Chaa Creek lookout

And who’s to thank for helping maintain that home-grown paradise? Chaa Creek’s very own dedicated staff, of course.

“Acknowledging our all-Belizean staff amongst the best in the world is an incredible honor. Especially considering only 1% out of 100% were able to ascend to this standard,” Mrs. Fleming says.

belize hiking naturalist guide with guest at chaa creek resort
Naturalist Guide narrating jungle facts to guest

A standard set forth in the jungles of Belize, when Chaa Creek first welcomed travelers more than four decades ago. Since then, the lodge has strived to provide the ultimate luxury experience without sacrificing the well-being of the environment. And it has done so beautifully, if we do say so ourselves. This 28-bedroom jungle abode has flourished into providing a unique experience fit for those craving deeper meanings in their travel. Some include the on-site amenities like the butterfly farm and hilltop spa. Others are off-the-beaten-path adventures like cave tubing and ziplining, the adventures here do not discriminate.

blue morpho butterfly sitting on person's hand

The 400-acre reserve is also a haven for wellness, too. Guests are able to finetune their mental wellbeing by simply prioritizing their needs when at Chaa Creek. Whether it’s spending time in nature hiking through the lush rainforest or taking a breather at the Eco-friendly infinity pool.

mountain view surrounding chaa creek belize jungle lodge

Seemingly, TripAdvisor travelers found something within the proverbial walls of Chaa Creek to consider it the “best of the best.” And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Mrs. Lucy echoes this sentiment, thanking TripAdvisor and the many, many guests that have joined us on this journey.

“To all who have contributed to Chaa Creek’s success over the last 40 years since our humble beginning, our gratitude is as it should be – beyond measure. Mil Gracias.”

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