7 Reasons for An Eco-Conscious Belize Family Vacation in 2023

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  1. Here's Why You Should Book An Eco-Conscious Belize Family Vacation in 2023
  2. 1. Change lives with community-based initiatives
  3. 2. Teach your kids the importance of sustainability
  4. 3. Lower carbon footprint
  5. 4. Have a more authentic vacation
  6. 5. Embrace unique experiences
  7. 6. Champion the preservation of wildlife
  8. 7. Your vacation will take on a new meaning

Here’s Why You Should Book An Eco-Conscious Belize Family Vacation in 2023

As the travel industry rebounds, travelers are aiming to concoct the greatest trip of their lives. The past couple of years have seen a flurry of travelers taking to the skies once again, but 2023 promises an even bigger resurgence. However, great itineraries come with great risks – one of which is the ever-present deluge of carbon footprints on the heels of an airplane trip. Luckily, travelers are able to accommodate a spellbinding 2023 vacation without sacrificing sustainability.

The rise of green travel in recent years has paved the way for globetrotters to ensure their vacation doesn’t come at the cost of Mother Nature. With global temperatures rising, now more than ever it’s important to gift your family a trip with an eco-friendly twist.

Here are seven reasons to let them know an eco-conscious family vacation is worth it.

1. Change lives with community-based initiatives


Many resorts and eco-lodges around the world are now championing community-based initiatives. Travelers are no longer only privy to charitable efforts through marketing but can become changemakers themselves. Belize eco-luxury resort the Lodge at Chaa Creek is one such shining example in heralding community-first programs. Ten percent of all room revenue goes towards its Chaa Creek Cares program, a community-based project directly benefitting Belizeans. This way, travelers can directly change the lives of locals by participating in the resort’s pack-a-pound program, for example. By bringing one pound of goods to donate to local schools or hospitals, guests become a cog in the system of lifting up Belizean communities.


Putting local communities at the forefront of travel also creates a ripple effect in preserving said communities. Belize, for instance, is teeming with diverse cultures and eco-resorts like the Lodge at Chaa Creek safeguard their livelihoods by choosing to have an all-local staff. The award-winning eco-lodge also funds scholarships for fellow young Belizeans, catapulting them into an educated future that would probably otherwise not have been possible if not for the guests’ contributions. Programs like these make a vacation worth it on its own, especially when your conscious efforts are changing lives.

2. Teach your kids the importance of sustainability

eco kids summer camp 2019 day 5 explaining composting

Family vacations at their core are about growing and learning about each other as well as the destination. Eco-conscious vacations are the ideal springboard for teaching your children the importance of green travel. All-inclusives may have the convenient framework of a cookie-cutter vacation, but you won’t learn about endangered corals while parked on a beach chaise. Or the lengths a destination goes to in order to protect its national parks. When booking an eco-conscious family vacation, your kids learn early on the importance of conserving the environment. Staying at an eco-lodge is an easy way to show them first-hand what that looks like. Chaa Creek, for instance, boasts medicinal trails, bountiful wildlife, and organic farming all on a 400-acre reserve. A quick visit to any of their on-site activities makes it clear the level of commitment the eco-lodge holds.

3. Lower carbon footprint

aluminum water bottle sustainability at chaa creek
Cut down on the use of plastics by providing guests with reusable water bottles

Speaking of eco-lodges, opting to stay in one as opposed to a large-scale hotel chain directly lessens your environmental impact while vacationing. Eco-resorts such as Chaa Creek are adamant in conserving in more ways than one. Apart from encouraging reusing and recycling, the jungle lodge also produces its own water using a state-of-the-art filtration system. Guests are also able to sleep soundly knowing their accommodations are powered by energy-efficient lighting. All of these practices and more make an eco-friendly vacation a cut above the rest.

4. Have a more authentic vacation

belize cultural cooking classes at chaa creek open hearth kitchen

Trend reports show travelers are searching for more meaningful experiences while vacationing. By choosing an eco-conscious vacation, you are also choosing experiences that deliberately benefit the people of that destination. A trip means more when opting for cultural activities bound to mold you into a well-rounded global citizen. When in Belize, try your hand at cultural cooking classes, like Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth cooking experience. For something more on the adventurous side, climb atop ancient Maya temples and admire sweeping views of the jungle. For a deeper experience, visit culturally rich communities in Belize such as San Ignacio or Hopkins to become familiar with vibrant lifestyles unlike anywhere else.

5. Embrace unique experiences

jaguar laying on log at the belize zoo

Eco-travel creates lasting memories not usually found in mass touristic destinations. A family vacation taking place in a destination championing eco-tourism ends up being undoubtedly more interesting. Interacting one-on-one with descendants of the Maya or hearing stories from local guides undoubtedly add more depth to an experience. Regenerative practices in eco-conscious destinations also add to a balanced itinerary. For instance, in Belize, you can learn all about coral reef restoration while snorkeling in reserves. The destination’s small-but-mighty-zoo also houses rehabilitated and rescued wildlife. Culture and food festivals are the most talked-about events in the country. All of these add up to a kaleidoscopic itinerary enriched with unique highlights fit for an eco-friendly family vacation.

6. Champion the preservation of wildlife

belize maya forest corridor aerial photo of carablanca pools
Aerial photo of Carablanca natural pools inside Belize’s Maya Forest Corridor

A good indication a destination is serious about its conservation efforts is the policies in place to protect wildlife. Belize has long been praised for its dedication to preserving its crystalline waters and its diverse inhabitants. Most recently, a slew of conservation organizations partnered up to protect what is now the Belize Maya Forest Corridor. The area connects protected areas in Belize, preserving the abundant wildlife that calls the jungles home. The destination also famously removed the Great Blue Hole from UNESCO’s World Danger List in 2018. These are but a few examples in a string of conservation efforts pint-sized Belize have achieved in recent years. Opting to take your family vacation in such a green-centric destination ensures your choices aid in large-scale conservation practices.

7. Your vacation will take on a new meaning

belize hiking naturalist guide with guest at chaa creek resort
Naturalist Guide narrating jungle facts to guest

At the end of the day, an eco-conscious family vacation extends beyond your family. Your choices affect the environment around you, especially when planning a going-all-out trip. If you’re already determined to have a tropical vacation for the books, might as well make sure it leaves a lasting positive impact on the destination. Sustainable practices don’t cut it anymore. Travelers must be willing to act regeneratively if we wish for stunning gems like Belize to stick around for a long time. This way, your trip will mean way more than mere fodder for social media photos. It’ll mean you have changed the world for the better, all for the price of stepping outside your comfort zone.

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