365 Days of Gratitude: Everything We Are Thankful For 

Table of Contents

  1. The Great Barrier Reef:
  2. Inland Belize: Nature Reserve and National Parks 
  3. Belizeans: The essence of charm
  4. 2022: 
  5. All Thanks To You
  6. Charlie

Charlie Brown once thought, “what if today we were just grateful for everything?” As we look back and reminisce on life and being grateful, we realize, Charlie, you are right!

From the kaleidoscopic Barrier Reef and its vital role in our ecosystem to the countless nature reserves that secure residence for our diverse wildlife to the genuine warmth of our Belizean people, there are innumerable things to be grateful for, but these have topped our list.

The Great Barrier Reef:

It has been making headlines since 1996 when UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site; now, 25 years later, it has made headlines in The New York Times by being a financial alternative. When Belize faced a direct cut of finances during the pandemic, its beauty is like no other, and its importance has made Belize a wave-maker in merging conservation and tourism.  

Consisting of seven sites, the largest Barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, its offshore atolls, several hundred sand cayes, mangrove forests, coastal lagoons, and estuaries are a haven for those seeking to dive into its pristine turquoise waters. 

Aerial views are also famous for showcasing their splendor; flying over the Great Blue Hole dominates Instagram when you search for #belize. 

Inland Belize: Nature Reserve and National Parks

With an area of 22,966 km square and a population of only 405,000 individuals, Belize has plenty of space left for the various indigenous flora and fauna that had thrived long before we humans claimed property on this planet.

There are numerous green spaces to discover and reconnect with nature, with 103 protected areas that form Belize’s National Conservation Trust.

Journey through the historical Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, explore the Chiquibul National Park, and connect with history at the ATM Cave, Barton Creek Cave, and St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park.

Imagine visiting the World’s only Jaguar Reserve at the Cockscomb Basin Wild Life Sanctuary!

Belizeans: The essence of charm

Belize is home to Maya, Garifuna, Mennonite, Creole, Chinese, and East Indians, each with its cultural attributes, languages, and traditions, all coming together and creating a cornucopia experience.

Envision walking down the street and being greeted by friendly faces, a gentle nod, and the carefree energy that makes the Caribbean simple and wonderfully – Caribbean.

Conde Nast Traveler highlighted Belizean’s graceful hospitality this year by naming Belize one of the Friendliest Countries in the World!

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Has been good to us at Chaa Creek; we have welcomed hundreds of guests and renovated four cottages and one house perfected for welcoming larger families and students.

We have resumed our community and environmental projects with two successful Butterfly On The Road programs and completed Three Pack A Pound distributions in rural areas.

All Thanks To You

Belize, its nature, and its people have inspired us from day one – shaping us into who we are as a country, as an eco-resort, and as an example of sustainable practices breathing life into our jungle abode.

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Oh, Charlie, everything is lovely in Belize!

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