Celebrating International Women’s Day

Table of Contents

  1. A letter to passionate women who give it their all at work and home.
  2. Happy International Women’s Day! 

For women that continue to clear a path. 

For women that go for it despite the challenges. 

For women that are fearless.

For women that create incredible futures. 

For women that value themselves.

For women that rebuild themselves.

For women that nurture the future of society.

For brilliant women.

For independent women.

A letter to passionate women who give it their all at work and home.

The population of Belize resides surprisingly close to even, tipping ever so slightly with 50.3% of all Belizeans being women. ‘Traditional’ values and gender roles haven’t stopped Belizean women from occupying an important space in our society. Since we’re talking statistics, a total of 41% of operating businesses in Belize  are owned by women, as are 20% of all farms, and even 11% of all licensed tour guides.

A single day to celebrate women and all they represent in our society doesn’t seem like it’s enough, but there are many ways to celebrate women.

Women over the last century have become prominent in Belizean society, we have women making waves in the political parties forming part of the Government such as our speaker of the House Valerie Woods, successful entrepreneurs such as Kaj from Kaj Expressions, captivating news anchors such as Marleni and Indira, life coaches such as Dioni to mention a few. 

Closer to home we’d love it if you raise the curtain with us and talk about some of the women who make that magic happen. 

How could we begin, if not with one who was a part of the very beginning; Ms Lucy. Co-founder, head of marketing, mother of our director and so much more. Ms Lucy helped create Chaa Creek from the blank canvas of jungle that it once was.

Our director, Bryony, mastermind behind the spa you all love was born and raised at Chaa Creek. Bryony keeps Chaa Creek blossoming under her management and together, along with others, they’ve created a team of managers and staff who achieve wonders every day. 

There’s much more yet that we could tell you, multitudes of small but important details that make up why we appreciate women so much, and celebrate them today. 

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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