Celebrating Earth Day 2023: 6 Ways Chaa Creek Invests In Our Planet 

Table of Contents

  1. Education 
  2. Out Reach Programs
  3. Preservation
  4. Solar Energy 
  5. Eco-Farming 
  6. Producing Sustainable Meals
  7. Seasonal River Clean Up Campaign
  8. Living Our Wildly Civilized Way Of Life 
  9. Happy Earth Day 2023!

Today is observed as International Mother Earth Day, and this year’s theme is: “Invest In Our Planet.” At Chaa Creek, contributing to our planet has been a priority since 1981.


Founders, Mick, and Lucy Fleming, opened their farm to the public with two goals: 1. To ensure their fledging eco-resort protected the environment and 2. That they supported the local communities.

Here are a few ways we have invested in our planet and coexist with Mother Earth.


Establishing the Natural History Centre in 1995 to provide a much-needed natural and cultural history resource to educate Belizeans and international visitors. 

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The NHC showcases the wonders of Belize’s natural world and fosters an understanding of its fragile tropical habitats and their unique flora and fauna. 

Out Reach Programs

Creating programs such as “Butterfly on the Road,” where our guides take learning outside our reserve into the communities.

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School Children learn about the importance butterflies have in our ecosystem. 


Our eco-resort sits on the banks of the Macal River. 140 acres grew to 400 acres of natural reserve over the years.

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Providing a safe haven for teeming wildlife in Western Belize.  

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Some permanent property residents include Black Howler Monkeys, Keel Billed Toucans, Agouties, Lesson’s Motmots, and many more. 

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Solar Energy 

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change, we recently installed 156 solar panels that provide new clean energy during the day.

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After the sun has set, our system will automatically reconnect back to Belize’s main grid. 


On a journey to implement sustainable methods that benefit our agricultural development, we collect biodegradable materials throughout the property.

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Dry leaves, grass trimmings, organic excess, and wood chips are then taken to the Maya Farm’s Compost Pile and mixed with biochar.

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This mixed fertiliser is then used to grow a variety of leafy vegetables such as lettuce, Dil, and Basil!

img 4360

Producing Sustainable Meals

Harvesting our own fruits and vegetables ensures that all meals served at the Mariposa Restaurant and The Guava Limb Cafe are organic and healthy.

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Our latest venture incorporates microgreens that are packed with nutritional properties. 

Seasonal River Clean Up Campaign

The Macal River is the lifeline of many communities that depend on its fresh waters to do daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, washing, bathing, etc. It also contributes to providing a healthy ecosystem for flora and fauna to thrive, for humans to enjoy water-based activities, and not to forget its ever primary role in providing water for crops and livestock.

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With no shortage of dedication to the environment, team members from the Chaa Creek Family sign up for this seasonal 5 mile journey where they will collect plastic bottles, glass pints, plastic bags and take-out food containers. 

Living Our Wildly Civilized Way Of Life

We continue to live our wildly civilized way of life in Western Jungle of Belize, engaging in a sustainable relationship with mother nature and her children. The environment isn’t an endless source that can continually be exploited without any sense of responsibility or stewardship. 

Keeping that in mind, we continue to work towards nurturing Mother Earth. 

earth day 2023

Happy Earth Day 2023!

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