The Lodge At Chaa Creek: Belize Eco Jungle Resort 

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  1. Immerse Yourself In Our Wildly Civilized Way Of Life
  2. West is Best: Why? Introducing The Lodge At Chaa Creek 
  3. Sanctuary: A place of refuge 
  4. Farm To Table Practices: The Stronghold of Our Ethos 
  5. Taking more than Memories Back 
  6. Horseback Riding or RTV Safari? Both and more 
  7. Immerse yourself

Immerse Yourself In Our Wildly Civilized Way Of Life

Always say yes to new adventures! With the World becoming more accessible, choosing your next Summer getaway just got easier. Widen your horizons and book the next flight to a Caribbean destination in the heart of Central America known as Belize.

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Belize has a lot going on; its official language is English, and it’s spoken countrywide; its currency is convenient and easy since the exchange is locked at $2 Belize = USD 1, and the yearly temperature averages 84 degrees Fahrenheit which means lots of fun in the sun. Colourful communities, diverse cultures, and Disneyesque wildlife await while you head inland. Ready to experience it? 

West is Best: Why? Introducing The Lodge At Chaa Creek 

Located on a 400-acre private nature reserve with stunning views of the ever-green Maya Mountains and serene Macal River, The Lodge At Chaa Creek keeps it true to its roots and proudly represents the ever-present Maya Culture and majestic wildlife. With 28 tv free rooms and villas Chaa Creek encourages guests to reconnect with nature and engage in their wildly civilized way of life.

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An exclusive sanctuary, farm-to-table practices, traditional cooking classes, saltwater pools, and various onsite activities that seek to emphasize a mantra sung since 1981.

Sanctuary: A place of refuge 

Picture this; a Sacbe – Mayan for white road leads to a sanctuary where humans are surrounded by the tiniest wolf spiders hiding in the lawn and one of the loudest mammals on earth, the Black Howler Monkeys.

A place where the ancient Mayas established a home, at the on-property temple site Tunichilen which is just one on several temple sites in the reserve.

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Imagine an entry that welcomes you to a haven recognized by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the World’s finest destinations and by Lonely Planet as one of the best eco-resorts in Belize for sustainable encounters in a tropical wonderland. 

Farm To Table Practices: The Stronghold of Our Ethos 

Finding traces of humble begins is how connections are made, memories are forged, and life-lasting relationships remain strong.

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We started as a small farm on the banks of the Macal River, and before the hotel industry took flight, our primary source of income was farming and selling produce at the local market.

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Our Organic Maya Farm now holds our farming torch that burns brighter every day. Its rich soil produces the most beautiful lettuces, microgreens, the most aromatic parsley, and yes, you guessed it, the tastiest basil, all used to create the Mariposa Restaurant’s scrumptious meals.

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From farm to table to you! It can’t get more wildly civilized than that! 

Taking more than Memories Back 

Souvenirs might do the trick when reminiscing about a beautiful trip, but how about experiencing and learning an activity that signified the beginning of civilization; the art of cooking.

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Our Open Hearth Cooking Classes seek to connect you with Belize’s cultures by teaching you the basics of a traditional meal.

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Whether it be the tamales prepared by the Mayas, the Sere by the Garifunas, or even the rice and beans perfected by the Creoles.

Horseback Riding or RTV Safari? Both and more 

Embracing our wildly civilized ways has defined a stay at our property but trust us, we got you covered if you’re looking to explore, learn and discover Belize.

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With more than 10 onsite activities, solo travellers, families, and even honeymooners will get a taste of thrill when hiking, visiting our Butterfly Farm, horseback riding, and, yes RTVing.

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Find your love for all things elusive and wild as our expert Naturalist Guides introduce you to Belize’s ecosystems and what we can do to conserve and respect them. 

Immerse yourself

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Did our wildly civilized way of life speak to your soul, your inner explorer? Book your stay with us and enjoy an endless Summer in Belize. 

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