Belize Through The Looking Glass: 1973

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  1. Did you know?
  2. British Honduras:
  3. Peter Wallace, The Belize River or Belix? 
  4. Now 50 Years Later 

Did you know?

June 1st, 1973, marked a defining date in Belizean history when the country changed its name from “British Honduras” to “Belize.” The process involved lengthy meetings at the House of Representatives where the self-governed colony of British Honduras  accepted the new name of Belize. 

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“As discussed we couldn’t be British because we were not British, and we could not be Honduras because there is a country already named Honduras even invitations were made for public representation on views held by the Belizean Public.” As shared by one of Belize’s historians Hector Silva. Adding on, “So Belize is the legal and constitutional name of our county. God Bless Belize. Sitting on that section of the House Of Assembly was the presenter Honourable George Price, the seconder Honourable Santiago Felipe Ricalde, Honourable Fred Hunter and myself. We all gave our unanimous support.”- excerpts from history. 

British Honduras:

Throughout time, Europeans referred to Belize by different titles. In 1502, the territory was referred to as the Bay of Honduras and later known as British Honduras in 1862. The Union Jack flew high while Belize’s royal blue and red flag remained folded in the hearts of those wishing for an Independent nation to come about in 1981. 

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Peter Wallace, The Belize River or Belix? 

Some suggest Belize got its name from the Belize River, named after Peter Wallace, a Scottish buccaneer who established a settlement on the river in the 17th century. The Spaniards in the territory dubbed the river’s name “Wallace” first, and as time progressed, “Wallace” became muddled down to “Belize.” 

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Other theories propose the term “Belize” may have also been derived from the Mayan word “belix,” which means “muddy water,” as the river was known for its murky appearance. Another theory suggests that the name may have come from the Spanish word “baliza,” which means “beacon,” as the river served as a navigational marker for sailors. 

Now 50 Years Later 

Belize is an independent new nation marching headfirst toward success while maintaining its undeniably cosy charm. Its 22,966 sq. km is filled with natural wonders, diverse wildlife marine life, and ethnic inclusiveness. With 40 years of Independence under its evergreen belt, it is with much pride that Belizeans share their history, culture, and home. 

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