Waterfalls, Jungle, and Beaches: A Guide to Belize’s Natural Wonders 

Table of Contents

  1. Waterfalls  
  2. 1000 ft Falls 
  3. Tiger Fern Falls 
  4. Big Rock Falls
  5. Jungle & Nature Reserves  
  6. Bladen Nature Reserve  
  7. Chiquibul National Park
  8. Shipstern Conservation & Management Area 
  9. Beaches 
  10. Placencia Peninsula  
  11. South Water Caye  
  12. Laughing Bird Caye  
  13. Contact Us and Explore Belize

Belize’s tourism started in the 1970s, and since then, it has grown exponentially from being known as a diving hot spot to steadily being recognized by its inland nature-based tourism, leisure pursuits, and adventure tourism.  From big names like Forbes emphasising new flight routes to Belize to CNN Traveler highlighting the country’s natural wonders there is much to see.

Its turquoise beaches are now complemented by its lush jungles filled with exotic waterfalls, flora, and fauna all within 8, 867 miles! With a population of 408 thousand, greenery thrives in this pocket-sized country. During your stay, expect to encounter natural wonders hidden on the coast and inland.  


While the coast might enchant you with its dancing coconut trees, sandy beaches, and thriving Marine life, inland Belize has several waterfalls worth the chase and hike, might we add! Head inland and hike until the roaring sounds of water rushing dominate your surroundings and motivate you to explore. Check out our top picks:  

1000 ft Falls

Belize Jungle adventure 1000 ft falls

Okay, 1,600 feet, to be exact! Is a beautiful sight to witness. Located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, this natural wonder is considered the highest waterfall in Central America.  

Tiger Fern Falls

Belize jungle adventure Chaa Creek

After a challenging hike, be prepared to enjoy seeing not one but two waterfalls that fit the name Tiger Fern Double Falls. Located in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary of Southern Belize in Hopkins, this waterfall offers more than cooling waters; it is complemented by sweeping Mountain views.  

Big Rock Falls

Big Rock Falls best swimming spot Belize Chaa Creek

 A must-visit! Located an hour from San Ignacio Town, this colossal 150 ft fall invites visitors to cool down after exploring the nearby archaeological site of Caracol in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Enjoy the enchanting scenery while relaxing in its fresh waters.  

Jungle & Nature Reserves

With more than half of the country covered in a subtropical jungle or rainforest, Belize has taken pride in protecting its coastal and inland natural wonders.

Belize protected area

To be exact, 36.6% of its terrestrial area is protected. Some Protected areas include:  

Bladen Nature Reserve

Bladen Natural Reserve Belize Protected area

Spans 100,000 acres in Southern Belize and is considered one of the most biodiversity-rich and geographically unique areas within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

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Some species found in the protected area include 337 birds, 20 fish, 93 mammals, 92 reptiles, and amphibians. Although this is a no-take zone, it offers an open invitation for researchers and students to visit and participate in ongoing studies.  

Chiquibul National Park

Chiquibul Protected area belize

Is Belize’s largest National Park, located in the Cayo District, established in 1956. It is home to over 423,000 acres of tropical forest, Central America’s most extensive caves system, the Caracol Mayan Site, and the Chiquibul River, which provides water to 40% of the Belize population.  

Shipstern Conservation & Management Area

Flora and fauna belize Wildlife

Found in Northern Belize is home to all five of Belize’s wildcats, 250 bird species, and numerous mammals. It was established in 1989 and has been enlarged twice, making it a total of 11,000 hectares of protected land.  


Being cradled by the Caribbean Sea has made Belize’s coastline home to golden and white sandy beaches easily accessible by boat or plane. Not sure where to go? Check out our list of beaches and Islands wating for you!  

Placencia Peninsula

Placencia beaches Belize Vacation

Perfect for those seeking an easily accessible beach from their hotel. Explore its 16 miles of sandy beaches and find your ideal swimming spot to enjoy the Caribbean Sea.  

South Water Caye

south water Caye Belize vacation

Known for its clear waters, find this natural wonder just 40 minutes away (via boat) from Hopkins. Despite its size, it offers visitors snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding experiences.  

Laughing Bird Caye

laughing bird Caye belize private islands vacation

Another gem in Belize’s Stann Creek District, 11 miles off the coast of Placencia. This island sits on an ancient Faro reef shelf formation and gets its name from the Laughing Gull, which used to breed here. Interestingly, the island has no built infrastructure, and overnight stays are prohibited.  

Contact Us and Explore Belize

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