The Rainforest calls for this family vacation: 6 Reasons for A Belize Family Escape

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  1. International Family Adventure, But First Where to go? 
  2. 2023 Calls for Nurturing our Young Explorers 
  3. Experiences that promise to bring the squad together: 
  4. Deep cultural immersion in Central America With A Touch Of Caribbean  
  5. For Daredevils & unsuspecting teens & tweens 
  6. Road tripping families 
  7. Contact Us!

Family vacations are about creating lifelong memories while having each member fall in love with the location, itinerary, and special moments together. Many factors come to mind when choosing the right destination, such as proximity, language, and exchange rate. 

Luckily for our friends choosing to head to Belize from North America, there are flights available from eight major cities, with new flight routes actively being added, English is the primary language, and the exchange rate remains steady at 1 USD for 2 Belize dollars.  

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Belize delivers adventure across the board and has no age limit for adventure, fun, and relaxation. The tropical country is such a versatile destination that it can’t help but attract travellers from all stages of life, from toddlers to lovers to grandma and grandpa.

Belize is always in season, and now with so many options available – what to do & where to go?

International Family Adventure, But First Where to go?

The Lodge at Chaa Creek offers an ever-green haven for your much-anticipated family escape. Surrounded by nature yet boasting modern accommodations complimented by an onsite spa, bar & restaurant, consider this eco resort perfect for every family member.

 The newly renovated Luxe Cottages are ideal for grandma and grandpa since they are close to the restaurant and activities center, while the Orchard Villa or Ix chel Villas offer spacious accommodations for busy moms and dads, fussy toddlers, and intrepid tweens. 

2023 Calls for Nurturing our Young Explorers

Reimagining learning to restore balance requires experience. Most kids have technology, school, and extracurricular activities covered during the school year. Why not spice up their much-anticipated vacation by adding a  pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of Belizean sunshine, and a handful of outdoor play! 

Hands-on learning inspires the little ones to care for Mother Nature, and Chaa Creek’s 8 onsite activities aim to do just that. A short hike in rainforest leads to the Natural History Centre and Butterfly Farm, where they can observe and learn about the Blue Morpho, Malachite, and Owl Butterflies.   

Experiences that promise to bring the squad together:

Mom and dad can rekindle their romance under the starts with a romantic dinner while being pampered by our team.

The kids can enjoy an exciting treasure hunt lead by a professional Naturalist Guide on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the rainforest. While grandma & grandpa enjoy some much-needed R&R at our Hilltop Spa. 

Bonding over adventuresome experiences is a great way to crystalise a family vacation. Return home with refreshed spirits after unplugging and enjoying customized new experiences. 

Deep cultural immersion in Central America With A Touch Of Caribbean

Experience a stay that showcases the living authenticity of Belize’s culture via its music, cuisine, souvenirs, clothing & literature.

Belize Culture Chaa Creek

Capture the curious nature of the young ones and learn alongside them about the Garifuna, Mayas, Mestizos, Creoles, Chinese & Mennonites, all living in Belize, a country about 428 times smaller than the United States.

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Fall in love at Souvenir shops filled to the brim with traditional clothing, handmade jewellery, unique storybooks & signature Belizean products. And finally, don’t forget to taste the plethora  of local delicacies and ask for more! 

For Daredevils & unsuspecting teens & tweens

For daredevils of every age including spunky teens & tweens looking to explore beyond the property’s 400-acre reserve, Belize offers exhilarating zip lining from unbelievable heights, thrilling cave tubing from subterranean rivers, and ancient archaeological sites waiting to be explored. 

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Road tripping families

An undeniable sense of wonder takes over as an open highway waits for you. Marvel at Belize’s Southern Highway considered the country’s most scenic main road leading to the coast where the pearly white beaches and shimmering blue Caribbean Sea await.

Or Western Belize where the over grown rainforests dominate miles & miles of untouched terrain. 

Contact Us!

Let us help you craft the perfect vacation where the best memories are made with the people you love and cherish. Email us at [email protected] to get it touch with our team. 

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