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Belize is not only a country that is blessed with abundant natural resources and diverse ecosystems but also a rich cultural heritage. These three aspects, which are what truly make Belize unique, are all inimitably intertwined. Their interconnectedness is seeped into Belizean history, a history that reflects our inherent affinity for the environment and green nature. Our indigenous Maya, renowned for their sustainable practices such as terracing and milpa farming, exemplified a harmonious blend of nature and cultural identity.

Nature is still a large part of Belize’s cultural identity, but now it is also a large part of our economy. Although it has fuelled our growth and progress, the weaving of nature into so much of who we are may have come at a price considering overexploitation, deforestation, and pollution are right at our doorstep. Today, Belize faces the challenge of balancing its economic and social needs with the preservation and conservation of what has, is, and will always be our true capital, nature.

Tourism is one of the main drivers of Belize’s economy. Our coral reef system, rainforests, caves, Maya archaeological sites, and wildlife draw visitors from all over the world. They come to experience the beauty and diversity of Belize’s nature, which is also woven into our culture as a people. As we learn from our past (*cough cough colonialism), we recognise that it is essential to re embrace our green nature and incorporate sustainable and responsible practices as we continue to entwine nature with our identity.

One way to achieve this goal is via the promotion of green investments. Green investments support environmental protection, conservation, and restoration, while also generating sustainable economic and social benefits.Green investments have taken various forms, such as renewable energy, eco-friendly products and services, environmental education and awareness, and community- based initiatives.

Many in Belize’s tourism sector are alreadyincorporating parts of the green investment movement in their practices because they understand its indeliblebenefits. It can help Belize reduce not only its debt butalso its dependence on fossil fuels. We could diversify our economy, create jobs and income opportunities, enhance resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and improve our environmental standings.

When it comes to large-scale examples of green investments in Belize, the most notable is the Blue Bond which essentially swapped debt for conservation, the first ever of its kind in the Americas. Belize restructured external debt in exchange for marine conservation, a deal that reduced our debt-to-GDP ratio by 25%, expanded marine protected areas, and created an endowment fund of $23.5 million for conservation. Investments like this are the epitome ofwhat green investments embody – environmentalbenefits combined with practical social and economicadvantages.

For countries like Belize, rich in cultural history and diversity, green investments also help to preserve thelegacy of this rich heritage. Important cultural sites suchas Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and the ATM cavesimproved access to conservation and protectioninitiatives aimed at not only preserving these sites butalso enhancing their cultural preservation and experience. The cultural education and awareness green investments generate also positively affect cultural appreciation, both locally and globally. This advances Belize’s image from a ‘melting pot’ of cultures to a mosaic, where each facet can still be seen and celebrated for its individuality.

When it comes to green investments, Belize is leading the pack. The Blue Bond, revived investment in renewable energyand continued eco-tourism efforts helps to balance our economic goals with our environmental responsibility. Like the Seychelles, we are showing the world that green investments are not only good for the environment but also good for the economy. Going green is no longer a burden, but rather an opportunity. An opportunity we are re embracing, because it is our nature to be green. Who is the next country to join us?

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