Investing on Belize’s Mother Nature through Sustainability 

There is beauty and endless nature surrounding us; the marvelous view never gets old. Every day you can have a new adventure. Belize is our home that provides a therapeutic experience with its natural aura. It will restore you and lure you to never-ending exploration. Belize has beautiful animals, education on Mayan culture such as eco archeological attractions, underground rivers, cenotes and snorkeling in Belize Barrier incredible cultures, Maya Mountains and much more. 

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth at all levels include genes, species and ecosystems. However, the biodiversity has lost of their habitat. Belize has native plants are endemic and planting native increases biodiversity. Belize’s native plants help the environment by providing sustainability to the entire food web Plants are food and habitat for many animals. Humans rely on biodiversity for our food, water, shelter, and medicine. Indeed, we have the power to save biodiversity for the survival of all species, including ourselves. Working hard to preserve, protect and increased biodiversity here at Belize. Therefore, in Belize, non-governmental organizations, community based, organizations along with the Government of Belize supported biodiversity which provides grants to help conserve and restore protected areas. Biodiversity is crucial to life on Earth, and we use GDP moderately or highly dependent on nature. 

There are ten types/categories of protected areas. There is archaeological reserve, forest reserves, marine reserves, national parks, natural monuments, nature reserves, private reserves, bird sanctuaries, spawning aggregation reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Archaeological reserves are protecting the heartland of the Maya civilization such as the Maya Ruins and artifacts. Forest reserves is sustaining extraction of the timber without destroying the biodiversity of the location. Marine reserves are conserving Belize’s Barrier Reef, marine wildlife and its environment. National parks are protecting and preserving the national significance for the people can enjoy and the environment. Natural monuments are preserving the unique geographic landscape such as culture landmark. Nature reserves is creating to strictly protect original communities and ecosystems. Private reserves are owned by non-governmental conservation and manage the resources. Bird sanctuaries are the oldest protected areas and protecting nesting and colonies for the birds. Spawning aggregation reserves are protecting the reproduction specific animals. Wildlife sanctuaries are preserving the important species in the ecosystem. 

Culture can be defined as the totality of ways in which life including the arts, the values and the beliefs, traditional food from different cultures, traditional festivals and much more. Belize is known as melting pot of ethnic groups due to rich culture and history. In Belize, many tourists come to experience the excitement on different ethnic cultures are here. Mayans were first indigenous people and they built amazing Maya ruins and artifacts. This is one way income and investment in the tourism industry. We have built with our own culture a vision and beliefs around nature and wilderness that makes us act towards them in a certain way. Places that have historical or cultural significance such as some ancient monuments, religious sites or world heritage sites. These places can also promote the intercultural dialogue and understanding among people from different backgrounds. It is to have natural or cultural values for humanity. 

We are living in a world where tourist and travel industries are not only focusing on relaxation and adventure, but on protecting and preserving our beautiful country and the planet. Sustainable tourism seeks to minimize the negative impacts on the environment and local cultures. 

Finally, tourists and locals should purchase locally made souvenirs and contribute to the economic well-being. It is good to use reusable and eco-friendly products. The ecosystem services on which people depend. It’s time to recognize the economic value of ecosystem. Help us unite the power of people, wilderness and culture to create impactful conservation opportunities around the world. 

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