Paradise is what little Belize is often called

Paradise is what little Belize is often called. Travelers come from all around the world to indulge in its diverse culture and its cuisine. From the rice and beans with chicken and plantain to the fried jacks for breakfast. Scouting over the Maya temples across the country gives you a high of adrenaline and the satisfaction of witnessing a breathtaking view from the top. Feeling the cold breeze cooling your body and finally feeling free and becoming one with nature.

Tourists backpack into the jungle that houses a variety of special creatures that give it life and beauty. The Belize Audubon Society takes important measures to conserve protected areas. Hence bird tourism in Belize aids in the protection of many endangered species. Furthermore, it educates the people on the importance of conserving nature. Another organisation that aids in the conservation of our green jewel is PACT (Protected Areas Conservation Trust) which promotes biodiversity and ecosystem. With this action, a green Belize is kept protected and travelers come to enjoy nature at its best.

Exploring the deep forest interacting with animals and even canoeing into the rivers and creeks to feel that adrenaline spike they are longing for. The best part is that Belize is filled with various locations that can accommodate these experiences. Even if you just want to have a relaxing day stop by any resort and sit by the pool and enjoy a nice ceviche or experience the love given by staying in a family-run hotel owned by locals. Or come and enjoy some Belizean-made chocolate in southern Belize with freshly grown cocoa.

Along the coasts of our great haven, we can admire the beauty of the mangroves which are important in protecting coral reefs in addition they create biodiversity and contribute to the marine ecosystem. The marine life in Belize is greatly admired by tourists who come and experience what life at the sea feels like in Belize. The second barrier reef is said to be located in Belize which is considered to be a haven for marine life that includes various plant and animal species. It also inhabits the great Blue Hole which is 406.9 feet deep and 1049.8 feet wide. The Coral Reef Alliance is working hand in hand with the Belize Tourism Board to reduce water pollution and create sustainable tourism programs to protect our oceans.

Clean water is the main goal to consider for this reason monitoring water quality is very important. Tourists can come and enjoy and witness the wonders of the Belizean waters through scuba diving or even feeding the nesting sharks by the coast or being part of the fishing tournaments. Boat riding to the Blue Hole and even to the many cayes that can be found in Belize. But how can we keep this land green and thriving? By working together as a family in joining forces and educating the locals and tourists on the importance of keeping a clean environment. In highlighting that there are things in nature that can live only if we let them. As citizens land-based actions are a priority to have clean waters.

Expressing our cultures and not being intimidated by what the rest of the world thinks. Showing off our traditions, and bragging about our food. Showing that in a small country filled with different cultures, it somehow works. The love for our past, present, and future will bring people from around the world to have a glimpse of what it is to be a Belizean. This not only creates a greener Belize but also creates socio-economic developments. If you wish to be part of something great come and enjoy the great wonders Belize has to offer. Tap into your adventurous side and come and dance to the beat of the drums in paradise. Belize, where nature and man become one.

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