How Belize’s Indigenous Communities are Holding Up the Torch for Authenticity

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  1. Keeping the Spirit Alive
  2. Deep-Rooted Culture
  3. An Agenda of the Most Eye-Opening Adventures
  4. Bon Fide Experiences

Wanderlusting sightseers are seeking more than just pretty sights and high-end stays these days. At the tip-top of their impressive bucket list is now something that Belize gives out freely and happily: an authentic immersion in another country’s culture.

Where once itineraries were carefully planned around white-sand beaches and crashing sky-blue waves, we now have trips planned to explore centuries-old Maya caves and traditionally-taught chocolate making classes. 

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But how can you guarantee a 100% and one-of-a-kind genuine experience during your getaway in Belize? Below you’ll find the five pillars that make Belize a champion in highlighting Indigenous cultures.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

No-good antagonists may say, “But what does Belize get out of all these visits? Some money and slight exposure?” We’ve never been happier to prove someone wrong. Hosting these bombshell experiences is more of a two-way street than you might think!

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Every single person carries a set of values instilled by their culture within them. Isn’t everyone at least a little eager to share them with loved ones and friends? I know we do! When our dear friends who visit embark on extraordinary ventures deep within our jungles or under the huts where aromatic meals are forged, our hearts swell twice its size.  

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At San Ignacio, you’ll be indulging your sweet tooth and learning a new skill with Ajaw Chocolate and Crafts as they guide your hand in grinding the cacao beans with Mayan stone and techniques.At the end, you get the treat of savoring the sweet taste of hot chocolate with spices.

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Our happiness stems from the feeling of seeing our culture be shared and enjoyed, an indescribable emotion that comes with seeing someone love our people as much as we do!

Hearing comparisons to your own culture abroad, answering questions about our long-lived traditions and teaching you some quirky Kriol slang is all we need. It keeps our soul, and the spirit of our ancestor’s thrumming with appreciation.

Deep-Rooted Culture

If you’ve heard Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people,” you’ll know just what he was talking about when you step foot into Belize. How well can you come to know a country if you don’t interact with its people? We don’t boast about our people’s friendliness for nothing – we have the awards to prove it!

Belize’s open-armed society is what spurs our everyday life, and what keeps reeling in our visitors for more. Meander in a dearly beloved restaurant and well-known abode to home-cooked meals, and discover for yourself what we keep repeating delicacies such as the delicious tamales.

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Our persevering lifestyle has been buried within our culture from the very beginning. When we think of the innovative Mayas building tall temples, or the Garifuna finding their new home in southern Belize, we all share the same determination.

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You too, can feel this strength of will when reaching the summit of Xunantunich or walking on the ancient halls of Cahal Pech

People from all walks of life can enter these sacred areas and see a glimpse into our past. One where our now treasured traditions were first begun and formed by our wise ancestors. 

As long as we appreciate our history and the Indigenous cultures that keep it alive, we will never lose our sense of self. Whether it be the chauffeur driving you to Chaa Creek, the funny guide showing you around our vast reserve, or the very owners of Chaa Creek themselves.

We all have stories about our country that we can’t help but share. It’s what brings us together and joins us with visitors who are eager to learn more.

An Agenda of the Most Eye-Opening Adventures

How do you choose the endeavors that are sure to leave you with jaw-dropping and mind-blowing memories? If you’re planning a short trip, you might have a hard time choosing between all of them! No need to worry, we can highlight the best that we know and can vouch for.

In just the Cayo district alone, you’ll find yourself enveloped by so many different adventures. You can mix-and-match activities and make entire days out of these eye-opening excursions. 

Want to try something more hand-made and tailored to appeal to the eyes? Pottery making with the San Antonio Women’s Group is always a delight!

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Molding and forming your very own clay bowls has you feeling accomplished and willing to conquer anything that comes your way.

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To top off your immersive stay, venture into the town of San Ignacio with canoes via the Macal river and then hop out to explore its market teeming with people. 

Bon Fide Experiences

A trip to Belize is more than just a getaway from work and the reality of life back home. It’s a bubble encompassing all walks of life, each one with affable tips and thought-provoking jokes.

Embracing this country’s magnificent culture turns your trip into a remarkable experience that will stay with long-lasting memories. If you need help planning your unrivaled trip to Belize, don’t hesitate to contact us at reservations[at] 

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