Grateful, Grateful For Everything: Happy Thanksgiving From The Lodge At Chaa Creek

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  1. The Past
  2. The present:
  3. The Future: 
  4. Happy Thanksgiving! 

“What if today, we were just grateful for everthing?” Charlie Brown

As the holiday season approaches, we can’t help but be reminded of Charlie’s auspicious words. The development of our private jungle reserve has us thinking of the scores of minds, hundreds of ideas, and thousands of hands that have created our story over the last 47 years.

The Past

Our story began with the adventurous journey of a young couple from England who traveled  to Belize in 1977 and had the good fortune to encounter RAF squadron commander, Jack Garden -who soon became their new landlord along the upper banks of the Macal River.


When Mick and Lucy Fleming came to Belize they were blown away by her beauty.  As they leased a parcel of 140 acres of bushland without road access, water or electricity, they were thankful. They created Tarpon Run Farm, and soon enough, were the bearers of bountiful harvests delivered to San Ignacio town by dugout canoe. 


The 70s sped by, and in 1981, Chaa Creek Cottages, the first jungle lodge in Belize, opened its doors. Who would have thought $8.00 BZ a night would call to intrepid explorers from all over the world willing to sleep under a thatched roof, shower outside with riverwater, and eat meals made from the harvested fruits and vegetables from their very own farm? Certainly not the Flemings; call it luck or call it hard work – we call it the beginning of a rags-to-riches story that still welcomes new characters, accomplishments, and undoubtedly new momentum.  

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The present:

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, welcomes thousands of guests every year. Some are new and have decided to experience our seasoned, wildly civilized way of life, while others are returning to relish another dose of Mother Nature’s best-kept secret: Belize.

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For both our new and our returning visitors, we are thankful. And for those celebrating Thanksgiving with us this year, we welcome you with gratitude. We are excited to share our endless green hues showcased by dancing rays of sunlight, the unique jungle sounds of our resident howler monkeys, magnificent Blue Morpho Butterflies and disneyesque avian species, as well as the pitter-patter of a host of little furry friends.

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Our adventuresome activities, traditional cuisine, and signature warm hospitality await you with open hearts.

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An extraordinary feast on Thanksgiving is planned courtesy of our exceptional team, preparing delicious farm-to-table and sea-to Jungle delicacies.

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Thank you for assisting our Chaa Creek Cares ~ Community First efforts by supporting our Pack a Pound initiative, and for being an integral part of our journey thus far.

january 13 chaa creek packapound christy 4

We look forward to your continued support as we head into an exciting holiday season and the jolliest time of the year as we turn the page on 2023. Together we welcome a new year with our Chaa Creek family and loyal friends like you. 

The Future:

Chaa Creek’s story is still unfolding; 2023 brought us abundant blessings with increased guest bookings allowing us to upgrad our facility with numerous renovations throughout the property. Chaa Creek is a living organism brought to life by you. As Johannes A. Gaertner puts it, “To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch heaven.” Heaven is here because today, we are grateful for everything. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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