Chaa Creek Attends The Adventure Travel Trade Show In New York!

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  1. Our Trade Show Journey
  2. Leaping Into 2024 Toward Success
  3. Our Experience

Our Trade Show Journey

Since establishing its wildly civilized way of life in 1981, our founders, Mick and Lucy Fleming, have traveled across continents, charming people to visit their Central American home: Belize. Attending multiple travel trade shows throughout its history, Chaa Creek has pioneered adventure travel to Belize.

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As the new year begins, many travellers are eager to experience new destinations and find a home away from home to escape to. Each country offers a holistic approach to recent travel trends that can inspire us all, and Belize is just one of many top destinations that can spark our sense of wonder and curiosity.

Being smaller than the US state of Massachusetts, this tiny country offers a gateway to the Caribbean and Central America. Being the only English-speaking country in the region, Belize is the top choice for many honeymooners and family travellers.

Leaping Into 2024 Toward Success

Continuing to deliver on its long-standing history in the trade show industry, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s marketing and business team set out to the Javits Center in New York with one goal: to showcase our jewel of a country and engage with curious travellers looking for their next adventure at the 2024 Adventure Travel Trade Show.

Chaa Creek at Javits Center

With this being the first trade show Chaa Creek attended in 2024, our team excitedly catered to waves of individuals who showed enthusiastic interest in Belize. They were delighted to take back with them some of the local specialties, such as our national hot sauce and locally produced chocolate bars, as souvenirs.

Chaa Creek Display

Our Experience

Our team also enjoyed conversing with others returning from Belize and sharing their incredible experiences. “Nothing can go wrong with warm weather and beautiful beaches in Belize.” and “The Mayan temples in the jungles were a sight to see.” were just some of the many fantastic reviews about Belize passed down to our team. Many were also surprised to learn that jetBlue now offers a 4-hour, seasonal direct flight to Belize on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Imagine being in paradise in just half a day’s worth of traveling!

Chaa Creek Team

With much interest and the beautiful personalities of all the show attendants, Chaa Creek found much success in New York. Look out for our upcoming plans and adventures as we exhibit Belize and our property internationally! If you missed us in New York, mark your calendars for March, as our next stop is Dallas, Texas! We hope to see you there!

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