National Geographic Recognizes The Lodge at Chaa Creek

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  1. National Geographic's Influence
  2. Chaa Creek's National Geographic History: 2017, 2023 & 2024 
  3. Book your stay at a National Geographic-recognized eco Resort: The Lodge at Chaa Creek. 

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is no stranger to being recognized by National Geographic. In 2017, it won the Gold Award in National Geographic’s Engaging Communities category. In 2023, one of our very own Tour Guides took centre stage in the article “Take a Tour of the Maya Underworld—if you dare,” written by Ali Wunderman and published by, you guessed it! National Geographic. 

ATM cave belize Chaa Creek

And in 2024, we are thrilled to announce that Chaa Creek was one of the select few properties handpicked by National Geographic Traveller to form part of its prestigious Latin America Collection. 

Belize Latin America Destination The Lodge at Chaa creek

National Geographic’s Influence

National Geographic’s influence and monumental movement began in 1888 when 33 prominent scholars and scientists established an organization dedicated to “the increase and diffusion of knowledge” in the name of commitment to dauntless exploration. 

National Geographic Belize

Today, National Geographic has grown to encompass leading expeditions, funding exploration, ethnographic research, and documentation, committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion while keeping up with present innovative practices. 

Its efforts have led to a growing community of like-minded individuals who actively support its legacy of exploration, discovery, documentation, and storytelling, all to protect the wonders of our world. 

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It boasts over 1.3 followers on Instagram and over 1.8 subscribers for its digital magazine, not to mention its reach on worldwide TV networks, reporting an outstanding half a billion followers worldwide across its many platforms. So, it’s easy to say that National Geographic is a big deal! 

Chaa Creek’s National Geographic History: 2017, 2023 & 2024

2017: Engaging Communities Award 

National Geographic Recognises Chaa creek

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s first-place honours at National Geographic’s World Legacy Awards highlight how working with local communities results in mutually beneficial, genuinely sustainable tourism. The 2017 World Legacy Awards ceremony was held at the ITB convention in Berlin, where Mick and Lucy Fleming, founders of Chaa Creek, accepted the award in the “Engaging Communities” category. 

National Geographic Recognises Chaa creek

Nat Geo stated, “Belize’s pioneer eco-resort demonstrates that putting local people first benefits employees, villages, and its bottom line. The Lodge provides economic benefits to community projects nationwide, directing 10 percent of all room revenue to support social and environmental programs.” 

2023: Caves in Belize 

Belize Caves Barton Creek

Belize is rapidly becoming one of Central America’s top exploration destinations because of its rich natural resources. Unsurprisingly, National Geographic published the article “Take a tour of the Maya underworld—if you dare,” written by award-winning author Ali Wunderman. 

In the article, Belize is not just mentioned, but celebrated as a “Caving Wonderland,” a realm of hundreds of caves that are considered a mystical pathway to the Maya Underworld Xibalba. These caves are not just open for exploration, but a source of pride for the living Maya Culture. 

Belize Chaa creek  Tours Xunantunich

Some of the Maya have become certified Tour Guides, leading expeditions and becoming oral history scholars. Chaa Creek’s Miguel Choco, a Q’equchi Maya, has dedicated years to weaving storytelling and culture preservation. 

Belize Chaa creek  Tours Xunantunich

2024: A feature in National Geographic Traveller Latin America Collection 

2024 is off to a great start; not only have hundreds of guests and visitors chosen to stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and immerse themselves in an authentic jungle vacation, but the property has also been selected by National Geographic Traveller to be featured in its 2024 Latin America Collection. 

This feature allows the eco-resort to extend its digital and print reach to thousands of like-minded individuals seeking to explore and discover the world’s wonders. 

The lodge At Cha Creek Belize

Belize is mainly known as a Central American and Caribbean gateway. Still, the truth is this beaches and jungle destination encompasses a holistic experience presenting culinary delights inspired by its Latin American population, forming part of the country’s development and signature flavour. 

The local scene at Belize involves diverse conversations in English, Spanish, and Creole, to mention a few! While your ears adjust, your taste buds explore delicacies such as pupusas, tacos, ceviche, empanadas, mole, carne asada, and tostones. This cultural immersion is a key part of the Belize and Chaa Creek experience, allowing you to truly understand and appreciate the rich diversity of Belize. 

Book your stay at a National Geographic-recognized eco Resort: The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

Imagine immersing yourself in a vacation that aligns your passion for exploration and discovery. At The Lodge at Chaa Creek, an eco-resort in Western Belize, this is not just a dream, but a reality. Their nature-based sustainability efforts have carved a unique path into your itinerary, inviting you to participate in an unforgettable expedition. 

Indulge in the unique charm of our thatched-roof cottages, designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural attributes. Each cottage is a sanctuary of comfort and tranquillity, offering the perfect retreat after a day of exploration. Learn all about the flora, fauna, and history that enriches the mind and soul while staying at this property.

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