Help Belize Save The Reefs, And Maybe Win a Stay at Chaa Creek

Belize Sister Reef Project Win Vacation

Or any one of a number of other epic Belizean Experiences They say that doing good is its own reward And sometimes there’s a bonus… If you’re reading this, chances are you have some interest in Belize. And if you’re interested in Belize, you probably know that it’s home to a huge World-Heritage-listed barrier reef … Read more

Belize and Australia Co-host The International Coral Reef Initiative

Global estimates from the international scientific community suggest that 10 percent of the Earth’s coral reefs have been seriously degraded and that a much greater percentage is endangered, which if allowed to continue is likely to lead to the loss of most of the world’s reef resources during the next century. Damaged or destroyed reefs can be found in more than 93 countries, with coral reefs in South and Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Caribbean facing the greatest risks.