Help Belize Save The Reefs, And Maybe Win a Stay at Chaa Creek

Or any one of a number of other epic Belizean Experiences

They say that doing good is its own reward

And sometimes there’s a bonus…

If you’re reading this, chances are you have some interest in Belize. And if you’re interested in Belize, you probably know that it’s home to a huge World-Heritage-listed barrier reef – The Belize Great Reef, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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Which means you may also be interested in taking part in a project that will go a long way towards protecting both these natural wonders while offering chances to actually see the Belize Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful little country it protects.

If so, you’re in luck.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek has joined a group of other Belizean organisations in the Sister Reef Project – an initiative by the World Wildlife Fund and Belize Tourism Board to raise awareness and funds for the protection of these magnificent reefs.

That’s right. By joining in the Sister Reef Project you’ll not only be helping to protect the world’s two largest reefs – you’ll also have a chance to win one of a number of very cool Belizean experiences – from airline tickets, dive trips along the reef, aerial tours of the amazing Great Blue Hole, exploring ancient Maya temples and sacred ceremonial caves, a variety of tours and excursions, and stays at over a dozen Belize resorts, including… two nights for two guests in your own luxury cottage at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, complete with great activities like canoeing the Macal River.


All you need to do is contribute five dollars or more, and you’re in the running.

That’s right – a mere five bucks gets you into an online fundraiser that allows you to buy credits going towards important reef conservation projects, along with a chance to win one of these epic Belizean experiences.

Check them out here:

But you gotta be quick… the fundraiser only runs from 8 March to 29 March 2018.

Think about it. For the price of, say, a Big Mac, you can help protect one of the world’s most important natural resources and have a chance to enjoy an amazing Belizean experience.

And if you need more reasons to join us in protecting these two natural wonders, here are just a few things to keep in mind before you order that burger:


  • Many species – flora, fauna, avian and marine, cannot survive without reefs
  • Reefs are the planet’s filtration system – corals and sponges keep oceans clean
  • Reefs keep the world’s carbon dioxide levels down
  • Reefs protect coasts and entire island nations
  • Reefs provide food for millions – some estimates say a billion – of humans


The list goes on and on, with new items being added all the time. Take medicines, for example. Scientists are isolating compounds from the incredible biodiversity of reefs to treat leukaemia, HIV, cardiovascular disease, ulcers, and more. Coral may also supply an inexhaustible source of material for bone grafts.

More to the point – if reefs were to disappear tomorrow, so would life as we know it. Quickly and forever.

And that’s not even considering the awe-inspiring wonder and beauty of these global treasures. We challenge anyone to spend a day swimming or snorkelling a reef and not feeling richer for the experience. Like underwater Grand Canyons; one visit and you’ll never forget them.

And, by helping to protect the world’s greatest reefs, you just may have a chance to see one for yourself.

You can have a look at the official Sister Reef Project rules here:

Saving a stunningly beautiful natural resource that’s saving the planet has never been so much fun – and potentially rewarding.

We hope to see you down here!

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