Where is Belize: Guide to Map and Geography (2022 Update)


Where is Belize Complete With Map & Geography Breakdown (2022 Update) As any Belizean National will exasperatedly tell you; online forums, random strangers, everyone likes asking “where are you from?” and in the case of our answer, the follow up is usually “oh, where is that?” Belize is, by general standards, a small country; at … Read more

Belize Transportation Guide – Travel Dos and Don’ts


With all these options it might become easy to get careless and throw caution to the wind because, why not, this guy over here said there’s a bunch of ways to get around in Belize anyway, so why not be spontaneous? So for those of you looking to just dive in here’s a few Dos and Don’ts for travelling in Mother nature’s best kept secret.

5 Reasons Why September in Belize is Awesome!

September in Belize heats up with Carnival and colorful costumes!!

There’s no better time to visit someone than during their birthday party! September is the biggest month on the Belize social calendar, and for the savvy traveller, it’s one of the best times to visit this exuberant yet laid back little tropical paradise. Here’s five reasons why!

The Things We Live For – We Love What We Do!


These are the things we live for – we love what we do! And it is the best feeling to know that our guests leave happy and appreciate the hard work our team puts into creating truly unique Belize vacations from start to finish.

Belize Celebrates Baron Bliss Day


Belize Celebrates Baron Bliss Day With the Red Baron, Baron Barracuda (for those of you who remember the kids’ show “Under the Sea”) and many other notables, there has been an assortment of, shall we say, interesting barons. But not many as interesting, and as cool, as Baron Bliss. And Belize has some very interesting … Read more