Where is Belize: Guide to Map and Geography (2022 Update)

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  1. Where is Belize Complete With Map & Geography Breakdown (2022 Update)
    1. Where you can find Belize Cartographically
    2. Belize is Part Central America
    3. Belize is Part Caribbean
    4. Ease of access from Belize to elsewhere in the world
    5. Belize location myths busted:

Where is Belize Complete With Map & Geography Breakdown (2022 Update)

As any Belizean National will exasperatedly tell you; online forums, random strangers, everyone likes asking “where are you from?” and in the case of our answer, the follow up is usually “oh, where is that?”

Belize is, by general standards, a small country; at just 8,867.2 square miles (circa 22,966 km2) we’re about as large as a medium-sized Caribbean island. Belize, arguably considered by some sources as North American geographically, is nestled on the northernmost tip of Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Where you can find Belize Cartographically

For those of you who want to be even more specific, Belize is located at exactly: 17.1899° N of the equator and 88.4976° W of the Greenwich meridian according to google. A member of the Commonwealth and the only Central American country to officially speak English, Belize is considered by locals to be equal parts Caribbean and Central American, retaining languages and customs from both regions.

Belize is Part Central America

When you ask where is Belize the easy answer would be that it’s on the Central American Mainland. We share borders with one North American country, one Central American, and we share waters with yet another. Being in such close proximity to these places makes the diffusion of their cultures into ours inevitable, and the Latino culture of Central America has truly interwoven itself well among the Belizean peoples. You will enjoy our “cultural melting pot” concept of living. And if you’re thinking about visiting Belize, we would suggest entering “Belize Creole” to learn some words before arriving here.

where is belize location explained picture of islands
Belize is home to thousands of small islands, on the Caribbean side

Belize is Part Caribbean

Another common answer is that Belize is one of only two Caribbean countries that aren’t islands. When many hear “Caribbean” they think that Belize actually is an island, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We are, however, home to the western hemispheres Largest living barrier reef system which has allowed the creation of Gorgeous islands with white sand beaches surrounded by warm Caribbean waters. So where is Belize in the Caribbean? At just twice the size of Jamaica, Belize is still firmly Caribbean as our main language is English and we speak the common regional language locally known as Kriol and we share the cooking style of many of the other islands as well.

Ease of access from Belize to elsewhere in the world

With the recently bolstered number of direct flights to Belize by big companies such as Delta, United and Southwest Airlines (among others) and regional flights from Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras made possible by Tropic Air, it’s never been easier to find your way here. If you’re already traveling Mexico and Central America there are buses that come here, and even boats from Chetumal to Ambergris Caye, and Honduras to southern Belize. Check out our Belize Transportation Guide to get a better idea if you’d like.

Belize location myths busted:

  • Belize is not located in Africa
  • Belize is not an Island
  • Belize is certainly not a part of Guatemala
  • Belize is not a village in Tanzania
  • Belize’s location is not in South America
  • We are Belize, not beleez, baliz, belise, or any other search terms people search for!
  1. Is Belize located in Africa?

    Belize is not located in Africa.

  2. Is Belize an island?


    Belize is not an island, however its home to over 700 islands.

  3. Is Belize a part of Guatemala?

    hon George cadle price belize independence

    No, Belize is a sovereign nation with established borders, own Belize dollar and laws and government. We gained independence on September 21, 1981.

  4. Is Belize in Tanzania?

    No Belize is not a village in Tanzania

  5. Is Belize in South America?


    No, Belize is in Central America and part Caribbean.

So, where is Belize?  We hope that we answered your curiosities adequately in this post. You can find out more about Belize Here.

If you have any more questions or feel like we missed something, please, feel free to leave a comment below!

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