Pictures of Belize: 13 perfect photo opportunities!


13 Perfect opportunities to get amazing pictures of Belize! Photos are the perfect way to keep that one resounding memory alive, you can look at them when you feel nostalgic, or just glance at them when you’re busy to take you back to a happier time. What are vacations after they end if not good … Read more

Pictures of Belize: 16 Wonderful Photos (2016 Update)


Here are 16 Pictures of Belize that will make you wish you were actually here! You’ll return home relaxed and invigorated, with memories and a collection of pictures of Belize that could only be found in Belize, where acres of pristine rainforest, the misty Maya Mountains, monkeys, jaguars, ocelots and other exotic animals as well … Read more

Lily of the Palace

Amaryllis,Barbados lily

Not only stunning but also helpful and trustworthy. The bulb of this flower has medicinal properties and is used against asthma, bronchitis,constipation and respiratory diseases.