Salt Of The Earth – Belize’s Maya Make The News Again

Salt Of The Earth - Belize’s Maya Make The News Again

When something thousands of years old makes today’s news we can’t help but pay attention – especially when it’s the Maya of Belize making headlines. And with Chaa Creek’s limited time shoulder season discounts on accommodation and activities in Belize’s … Read more

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp – Maya Hike Day 3


The campers awoke early, eager for a new day at Chaa Creek’s Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp. At six-thirty everyone was up and about, and by seven we were gathered around the campfire, where all the councilors tried to start a … Read more

Maya Mystery Solved in Belize?

A group of researchers from Rice and Louisiana State Universities working in Great Blue Hole area believe they now have the answer of why the Mayan civilisation suddenly cease to exist. After analysing sediment samples from that beautiful, massive sinkhole popularised by Jacques Cousteau and located along Belize’s Great Barrier Reef, they’ve concluded that a hundred year drought put an end to this flourishing society.

Eco Kids Summer Camp = Unforgettable Experience for Kids

Gardening has always been a hobby of mine, and I have heard so much about Chaa Creek garden. I would love to have the adventure and experience of going to your summer camp. If I am accepted, it will be the first time that I will go to a summer camp.