Chaa Creek’s Pack-A-Pound Kicks off A New Year By Bringing Joy (and some very welcome school supplies) To Young Belizean Students

Chaa creek pack a pound Belize sustainable tourism January 2019

What a delightful way to kick off a new year! Although Chaa Creek’s “Pack-A-Pound” program has been bringing visitors and Belizeans closer together for years now, it still never fails to touch our hearts to see the combination of guests’ generosity and the sincere gratitude shown by the young students who benefit from it. For … Read more

Chaa Creek Staff Start The Year Off By Bringing School Supplies (and smiles) To Belizean Students

Chaa Creek Pack A Pound 2018 Cover

After a busy holiday season entertaining guests and friends from around the world, Chaa Creek staff returned to the business of thinking globally and acting locally by distributing the fruits of our Pack-a-Pound program to deserving, and very grateful, young Belizean students. As our visitors and regular readers know, Pack-a-Pound is a long running program … Read more

Chaa Creek Cares: September Pack-A-Pound


Everyone’s heart is warmed up by something, be it cute puppies, or people in love, we all have something that upon seeing it fills us with joy. Here at Chaa Creek, it’s hard to peg down a single thing that makes our souls soar, but one of them is definitely the look of surprise on … Read more