Visiting Belize and Chaa Creek Just Keeps Getting Easier

photo of passengers disembarking an american airlines flight at belize philip goldson airport

American Airlines and Belize are sort of like Love and Marriage, Macaroni and Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Romeo and Juliet… you get the idea. So it’s easy to understand why we’ve been missing AA’s regular service to Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport, aka the PGIA. And why we’re so happy to hear that American … Read more

Visiting Belize: Top Reasons to Visit!


If you are wondering what reasons are there for Visiting Belize then continue reading… Now that we’ve helped you figure out where Belize is, we’re here to answer another question; Why you should come to Belize. There are many “types” of travel that could be employed when coming to Belize, from Luxury style travel to … Read more

Did more people or less people come to Belize this year?


This is good news, and The Belize Tourism Board released the information in much the same way it was received by tourism industry stakeholders – with big smiles across the faces. We are growing as an overnight tourism destination, attracting the sort of people who stay longer, spend more money, and get to know Belize and Belizeans better.