Visiting Belize: Top Reasons to Visit!

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  1. If you are wondering what reasons are there for Visiting Belize then continue reading...
    1. Belize is an untouched tropical paradise
    2. Belize has extra clean air
    3. Boundless Exploration
    4. One-of-a-Kind Natural Formations
    5. Hearty Belizean Food
    6. Deep, Diverse History of Belize
    7. Turquoise Belizean Waters
    8. Diverse Belizean Flora & Fauna
    9. Amorous Belizean Locals

If you are wondering what reasons are there for Visiting Belize then continue reading…

Now that we’ve helped you figure out where Belize is, we’re here to answer another question; Why you should come to Belize.

There are many “types” of travel that could be employed when coming to Belize, from Luxury style travel to budget backpacker style. regardless of your style of getting to, from, and around, there are a wealth of reasons for why you should come to Belize:

Belize is an untouched tropical paradise

Photo Courtesy Tony Rath

With a population density of about 15 people per square mile, the vast majority of Belize’s wilderness remains relatively undisturbed. Coupled in with the nature of the population, robust focus on environmental preservation by the country’s government has created expansive areas of pristine rainforest where rare and endangered animals live and thrive.

Many of the islands that bracket the outer shallows of the Belizean coastal zones also remain unexplored and uninhabited allowing for marine life to flourish and diversify with little or no threat to the species making their little lives there.

Belize has extra clean air


With a lower population density comes a lower number of vehicles to be owned, and less traffic, even in our most densely populated of cities, of which the highest is little over 50,000 people smog is not a thing. The general populace of Belize is actually unaware of the existence of this phenomena, and those of us familiar, be it through travel or television, quickly forget that it happens in other countries.

The lofty breezes of Belize frequently bring the smell of not carbon emissions, but damp earth, fragrant trees, all manner of clean smells that can in some places only be found far away from civilization right to your bedroom window every morning.

Boundless Exploration

Our national anthem starts with “Oh land of the free by the Carib sea”, there are few truer statements to describe our little green jewel. Belize gives you opportunities to explore a slice of its landscape and attraction type, from zip-lining through the canopies to diving deep in the Blue Hole and everything in-between.

Aside from the natural wonders, Belize boasts an astonishing number of Maya archaeological sites which you can choose to be guided through, or you can take the reins yourself and comb every corner for Mayan artefacts yourself.

When you’ve had enough of the relic exploration the towns of Belize are also ripe for discovery, with friendly locals always willing to help, and hidden gems of quaint splendour to be found in and around the streets and corners.

One-of-a-Kind Natural Formations


Speaking of the natural formations, While Belize contains many age-old limestone cave formations, it’s the not hidden formations that are, by their nature, the most impressive.

The Great Blue Hole is a cenote of sorts, off-shore nestled within one of the atolls that crown our reef system. Scientists say that the Blue Hole wasn’t always blue because about 150,000 years ago it was above water before the sea levels rose. Speaking of sea levels, we for one are happy they did rise, and so are our little sea creature friends along the reef, due to the rise of the seas not going high enough it enabled the waters near Belize to stay shallow, warm and sunny which is perfect for, you guessed it: Coral Reefs.

The longest stretch of the Mesoamerican reef system meanders down along Belize’s coastline (190 miles) and is a highly respected natural conservation area (Belizeans are pretty passionate about our natural formations).

Hearty Belizean Food


All that adventure sounds enjoyably exhausting, and what do tired bodies need other than sleep? Food. Food is great, and Belizeans know how to make great food!

Of course having so much of the country be coast-line, a large part of our cuisine is centered around seafood and what is not centered around it can still include it. The Garinagu people make hearty soups out of fish called Sere (Seh-reh) and stews from ground foods and pigtail called Boil-up.

The Maya and Mestizo people make wonderful corn based, banana leaf wrapped hot pockets called Tamales, and just about everyone makes our famed Rice & Beans with stewed chicken/beef/pork and potato salad.

With so much more options than could be listed here, food is definitely one big reason for why you should come to Belize.

Deep, Diverse History of Belize

As you may have guessed from the quick mention of some of our cultures, Belize has a very diverse history.

Each ethnic group has their own personal story of why they left where they were, and why they came here and ultimately what made them stay. With such diversity comes an interesting timeline, especially for a little country like us. Many of the Mestizo fled here from a war in Mexico, bringing with them new customs and names, the Mennonites came to Belize in order to escape persecution and here found peace. The Garinagu came here looking for a home when they had none, and they found it. The Creole were born here, a result of British and African mingling, and the Maya had been here all along.

Each culture will happily tell you their story when asked, all a part of what came to make here such a great place, all grateful to be here, hopefully, you will be too.

Turquoise Belizean Waters


Because of the Barrier reef, the inner waters and islands sit on shallow sea beds, trips to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker take you jetting along clean teal tinted sea so clear you can look through to the sea-floor.

A  great many people visit the popular islands mentioned before and are dazzled by the white sands and relaxed surf, but Belize has so much more to offer; the letter known atolls are far less travelled and have beaches that stretch for hundreds of feet, dip, and resurface a short swim away on a connected island.

The Turneffe islands, Glovers reef atolls, and sapodilla Cayes are all remarkable examples of island systems which seemingly rise up from the sea as if by their own will.

Diverse Belizean Flora & Fauna


Scarlett Macaws, big cats, baboons, Keel-billed toucans, manatees, just a short list of examples of the natural locals that choose to call Belize home along with the rest of us.

The expansive areas of unused land and the emphasis placed on keeping wildlife reserves, reserved, makes the sightings of wild creatures quite commonplace when traversing the highways and even the outskirts of towns here.

If ever your luck for chance encounters is not riding with you a short stop to The Best Little Zoo in the world will delight you with all the information and sightseeing you fancy, with most of their inhabitants being rescues you can also rest assured that no jungle creatures were harmed to populate The Zoo.

Amorous Belizean Locals


Everyone boasts about “friendly locals” in the towns the come from but being named one of the happiest countries in the world does help gratify that we really aren’t kidding, though we usually are.

Belize has a laid back, “go slow”, take it all in attitude to just about everything we do, which can be a hindrance to productivity but it sure makes for an easy going populace. Because Belize is comprised mainly of small towns, everyone retains that “we all know each other” vibe and its common place to have “good morning” choired at you with a smile as you walk down the street to pick up your breakfast.

Not only are the locals friendly, but they’re (we’re) always eager to lend a helping hand if you need one, be it for directions, advice, or anything else you can think of.

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    • Belize is just a hop, skip and jump from Cuba! Definitely, a destination to come see if you’re in the area, there are so many unique things that make it both Central America and Caribbean at the same time 🙂


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