The Great Kiskadee

The Great Kiskadee is a common, noisy and conspicuous bird. It is almost omniverous, and hunts like a flycatcher, waiting on an open perch high in a tree to catch insects in flight, or to pounce upon rodents and similar small vertebrates. It will also take prey and some fruit from vegetation by jumping for it or ripping it off in mid-Air, and occasionally dives for fish or tadpoles in shallow water, making it one of the few fishing passerines. They like to hunt on their own or in pairs, and though they might be expected to make good use of prey flushed by but too large for the smaller birds. They do not seem to join mixed species feeding flocks very often. When they do, they hunt in the familiar manner. Such feeding behavior makes it one of the commonest birds in urban areas in Belize, its flashy belly and its shrill call make it one of the most conspicuous.