Belize’s Garifuna Settlement Day a Cultural Adventure


“If you can’t make it down here for the celebrations, you owe it to yourself to learn more about one of the most interesting, intriguing and colourful cultures on the planet. It’s a fascinating journey in every sense of the word, and here at Chaa Creek we’ll be taking the time out to join our Garifuna brothers and sisters in saying, ‘Gibe Memegili Wayumaha; Lidanba Uarani Wawansera’, which fittingly translates to ‘We continue to have many aspirations; in Unity we advance’ ,” he said.

Autumn and Thanksgiving in Belize – all of the colour, none of the cold

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Living in the tropics, you sometimes wonder what autumn in the northern climes must be like. We’ve seen the breathtaking photos on calendars, greeting cards, in magazines and elsewhere, so there’s always a feeling of missing out on something, of the smell of wood smoke in the air, crunch of leaves underfoot, the nip at the tips of the nose… all those romantic autumn things we hear about.

Belize is our choice for Holiday Vacation 2010

Belize is our choice for Holiday Vacation 2010. We just purchased our plane tickets. Now starts the first round of vacation enjoyment – deciding which of the many amazingly beautiful and fascinating places we should visit! All three of us agree that Cockscomb Basin, the Belize Zoo, Community Baboon Sanctuary, ATM Cave, Xunantunich, and Lamanai by boat are must-see places. Relaxing on a caye or sandy beach, some strenuous hiking, bird and leafcutter ant watching, entering Xibalba. … so many sights to see in the brief time we’ll spend in a place of diverse cultures, natural wonders and ancient ruins. We can explore caves, chocolate plantations, hot sauce factories, Garifuna and Mayan villages. We could learn to play drums, look for manatees, chill in the shade.