The Jewel Called Belize

My travels in the past have never taken me to a world like that of Belize. Lets just say it is a far cry from Door County WI and WI Dells. Well I guess there was Disney and a cruise but lets face it raw nature takes president over a world of fantasy. I have had the opportunity to travel out of country however my husband has not had the travel opportunities that I have had. I would love for him to experience the world outside with new eyes. I would love to escape our world for a truly magical vacation and be able to return home with a fresh take on life. I am ready to be humbled by our world and from what I have heard, the jewel that is Belize. I’m sure this would be a vacation of a life time and the creation of many happy memories for my family. So this is my plea for a remarkable escape…


In a dream I am walking the Mayan Rainforest Trail through the vast nature reserve of Chaa Creek. My feet make no sound in the soft leaf litter. All my senses are alive. Strange, gloriously colorful birds flit through the green canopy, and animals I have seen only in pictures peer out at me from the thick foliage of the forest floor. The plants are not familiar to me, yet I sense their powerful beneficence.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek; a touch of nature and a taste of the past and present

Part of the natural beauty of Belize is its lush and green rainforest which is abundant in flora and fauna. But there is more to just the verdant rainforest, Belize also offers an uncommon but sacred trip into the past, with a scope into the new world. There is a secret little place, nestled in the heart of Belize’s unspoiled rainforest. From the moment you step foot on it, it magically but also naturally transfers your mind into the secrets of the past – the Lodge at Chaa Creek.