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The 15th annual La Ruta Maya River Challenge, held between the 9th and 12th of March and one of the world’s longest canoe races, replicates an ancient Maya river trade network through the rainforests of Belize to the Caribbean seacoast and is capturing a larger audience this year due to global interest in the 2012 Maya “prophecies”, according to one long time participant.

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Maya Medical Plant Trail

The Maya belief system centred on concepts of cycles and balance, and this was especially true for health, which was maintained by a balanced diet, mind and relationship with the natural and spiritual worlds. As with some Eastern approaches to health, the Maya believe in a universal life-force known to them as ch’ulel. Ch’ulel is essentially a spiritual force permeating and driving everything that exists, and a principal goal of a healer is to balance ch’ulel in the body and align it with the natural and spiritual world.

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Explore the Rainforests and Reefs of Belize

Belize is unlike much of the rest of Latin America in that English is spoken here by the majority of people rather than Spanish. It is more politically stable than the rest of Latin America and in general it feels more like a Caribbean island than a Latin one. Infrastructure here is improving rapidly but presently there still remain just three main roads. Chaa Creek still has a wonderful range of accommodation with gorgeous thatched cabanas and villas. It has a spa with full use of the canoe privileges. So check out Belize as a holiday destination and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.