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My job as Global Ambassador is to help Belize to shine on the world stage of tourism, to assist BTB in reaching its strategic marketing goals, and to position Belize as a leader among tourism destinations worldwide. Ladies and gentlemen, Belize is “Nature’s Best Kept Secret,” and it is time to let that secret out! Let the world to discover this country’s treasures, along with Belize’s sustainable tourism leadership in protecting these treasures for future generations of Belizeans and travelers who come to enjoy this wonderful country.

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The Best of Eco-Tourism

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, travel and tourism accounts for more than 230 million jobs worldwide, and it is the principle export for the world’s developing countries. Eco-tourism seeks to turn tourism into a win-win situation for travelers and developing countries by giving indigenous people an incentive to preserve their wildlife. At its best, eco-tourism maintains the wildlife and pumps money into the local economy.