Ecotourism: A new ‘green revolution’ in the Belize

By Alyssa Coleman

Why do I want to be an Eco kid

I want to be an Eco kid because as kids I think we can make a big difference just by the little things we do everyday.

In our country Belize we need to educate the people more about healthy, clean and Eco friendlier ways of living in order to have a beautiful Belize. We as proud Belizeans should stand up and let people know the proper ways to dispose garbage and other waste. We need to reuse, like reuse plastic bottles or old tires to plant different plants in. Reduce, reducing the amount of electricity you use or water, instead of using an automobile walk or ride a bike. Limit the amount of gas you use because the car exhaust is damaging the ozone layer and making more hazardous rays coming in and being trapped in our atmosphere making it hotter. Recycle, recycle your old papers or plastic or can bottles. Little things like these I think can make a big difference for the environment and makes a better Belize for all us living in it.

Another thing I think is a problem in Belize is the slash and burn process. This happens when a farmer goes out to make a milpa or farm. He cuts down trees,  grass  and other things on the land and then burns it. The burning makes the ground fertile for planting but only for a limited time and then he goes and do it somewhere else after he finishes using it. Sometimes the burning can get out of control and burn unnecessary pieces of land. It can take years for the forest to rebuild after a slash and burn. Some don’t plant back the trees and the flora and fauna get destroyed and that is what makes animals endangered and sometimes extinct.

We as kids need to stand up and let everyone know that there are new Eco friendlier ways of doing things. We need to protect the Earth because it has so many wonderful things that it has given us, so many natural resources and a beautiful place to live in. that is why I want to be an Eco kid to make the environment a place for better living.

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