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The reason why I want to be an Eco-kid is because I like to explore things about nature and I want to learn more about my country Belize. I think it would be a great opportunity for me to be an Eco-kid for the first time. This would be a wonderful experience anyone would like to have in their life time, especially to learn and to talk to others about it.

This experience will help me to understand more about natural resources and to conserve our resources. It will also be a good example for my friends to spread the word and make a change. I could share with friends about the different ways we can help prevent harm to the environment by telling them of what I have learned from the trip, so that they can see that we all can learn from taking educational trips to help protect our environment and our delicate resources that we are not aware that people are destroying on a daily basis. We as young children can help and protect what is left to develop our beauty.

Belize has many natural beauties which we need to protect and preserve. We as young children growing up in today’s society need to be educated at first hand experiences and learn how to protect our jewel in the Belize forest. By educating us about our natural resources, it helps to be aware of the importances and reasons why God created them.

Since conservation means to protect valuable things from being changed or wasted, I don’t believe that we want to see our jewel in Belize not being protected. I believe we should have things for others to enjoy seeing and understanding what is the main purpose of still having these preservations of beauty to offer even though years have gone by.

If we don’t conserve and preserve, what will the younger generation have to explore and to see how our natural resources really look and what all we can use them for. Let me be a mentor to others by learning the value and importance of being an Eco-kid and sharing with others this great opportunity.

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