Belize, The Adventure Coast For Families

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  1. Summer of Fun: Top 5 Things to Do When Traveling to Belize with Kids 
  2. From Tricky Otters to Majestic Jaguars 
  3. Tropical Fruits, Rice and Beans or Chicken Fingers?  
  4. Movies And Dreams Do Come True
  5. Learning Beyond the Classroom
  6. Colourful Streets and Sweet Treats 
  7. Summer Getaway 

Summer of Fun: Top 5 Things to Do When Traveling to Belize with Kids

This Summer season calls for the thrill of adventure, whether it be time to explore your backyard, look for treasures under the golden sunlight, or daydream about an escapade in the glorious Caribbean.

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It is truly the perfect time to plan a trip to Belize. This tiny Caribbean country is blessed with both island allure and inland charms.

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A nation of friendly people that welcomes visitors from the youngest ones looking to explore this vast world to older ones looking to sit back and enjoy the endless island and inland phenomena. 

We have adventured from northern Corozal to southernmost Toledo  and below are our five top picks for ‘What to do in Belize’; when traveling with big heartbeats, tiny feet, and the endless energy our family members exude. 

From Tricky Otters to Majestic Jaguars

Unravelling the imagination and discovering a love for animals has always been second nature to children.

Belize promises a wide variety of wildlife sightings while touring with trained naturalist guides, be it in the turquoise waters of our world acclaimed and sheltered Barrier Reef or the 50 shades of green in our protected national parks, nature reserves and heritage sites.

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Witness your young ones observe a bright red Scarlet Macaw on tour to the king of Maya Temple sites – Caracol, a Keel Billed Toucan on a stroll along 10 miles of manicured trails within Chaa Creek’s 400-acre property, and a one-on-one encounter with a colourful green iguana at the Iguana Hatchery in San Ignacio Town. 

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A trip to the Belize Zoo is a must for those looking for a more in-depth fauna filled encounter replete with educational fun facts.

Located on the George Price Highway, the Belize Zoo offers a refuge for compromised wildlife who cannot survive in the wild. From majestic Jaguars such as Sylvia to Neo, the cutest but trickiest Otter, bundles of fun is guaranteed. 

Tropical Fruits, Rice and Beans or Chicken Fingers?

With more than 22,966 km of space and less than 420,000 citizens, it is safe to say that organic farming is a widespread practice in Belize. Many families harvest their fruits and vegetables.

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These harvested goodies are then sold to restaurant owners and vendors that incorporate them in their freshly prepared meals. 

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Finding what to eat or where to enjoy a meal is not a problem since most restaurants offer the classic chicken fingers and pasta for the little ones along with the famous Rice and Beans with stew chicken for mom and dad.

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Natural juices and spirited mixes from tropical fruits such as soursop, mango, pineapple, and oranges compliment every meal.

Movies And Dreams Do Come True

 Oh, Mother Goose, Mother Goose – we might have a better bedtime story to share. One of a land where fresh waters flow, swaying palm trees tower over the landscape, and the clear warm waters of the Caribbean invite you to discover Little Mermaid’s “under the sea.” 

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Little explorers can switch from trusty hiking boots to funny snorkelling gear on an exciting trip to Belize.

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Mom and Dad, take note and remember the endless possibilities that fun in the sun in Belize can mean. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

In a country where culture and history are anything but lulls of the past, learning about ancient cultures is a very present experience.

Hand in hand with high spirits, venture to learn about ancient rituals such as the Pok-A-Toc ball game, underground burial chambers, and impressively built beautiful maya temples. 

Grant your younglings an unforgettable summer break, and visit archaeological sites such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Caracol, all within reach of our resort. 

Colourful Streets and Sweet Treats

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a face full of wonder as vibrant murals of unexpected Belizean scenes pop up on the streets of San Ignacio Town.

 A town packed with activities families can enjoy, such as chocolate making from bean to cup at Ajaw Chocolate, souvenir shopping on Burns Avenue, and Market Day at the Farmers Market. 

Summer Getaway

Are all these experiences calling your name? Mix and match activities to create your own adventure menu. And remember, One assurance is guaranteed, your summer getaway family vacation will not disappoint. 

If you have any questions about booking a trip to Belize, contact us at reservations[at]chaacreek. com

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