Top 7 Foods (and Three Drinks) in Belize

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  1. Our Favorite Belizean Foods:
    1. 1. Rice and beans:
    2. 2. Serre la sus:
    3. 3. Chicken Escabeche:
    4. 4. Conch:
    5. 5. Lobster:
    6. 6. Ceviche:
    7. 7. Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce:
  2. My Three Favorite Drinks in Belize:
    1. 1. Cashew wine:
    2. 2. Rum:
    3. 3. Ginger beer:

Our Favorite Belizean Foods:

Belize is a wonderful melting pot of culinary extremes; a tantalizing mixture of Caribbean spices, African vegetables and Central American cooking styles can be found in all corners of Belize.

The seafood is delicious and the lobster is world-class, particularly along the Northeast part of the country. The following is a list of my favorite foods in Belize:

1. Rice and beans:

A classic Central American dish, white rice and kidney beans in Belize are served together and cooked in coconut milk (my favorite method). Be sure that you order “rice and beans” instead of “beans and rice” because in Belize, “beans and rice” mean that it’s cooked separately. Whichever method you choose, a traditional dinner in Belize would pair them with stewed meat, chicken or fish.

2. Serre la sus:

A rich soup cooked with coconut milk, fish, onions, spices and boiled greens. Plantains and cassava bread are usually served on the side.

3. Chicken Escabeche:

If there was one dish that I had to choose in Belize this would be it. Similar to fajitas, Chicken Escabeche is sautéed in a base of peppers, vinegar and spices and server corn tortillas on the side.

4. Conch:

Most people are probably more familiar with the shells, but conch is a very tender and delicious shellfish, especially when served off the grill with a twist of lime. Conch tastes similar to squid but without the rubbery texture that turns many people off. Other popular seafood items include shrimp, grouper and red snapper.

5. Lobster:

Lobster is such a delicious seafood it deserves its own category. The most common preparation is barbecued lobster with a little bit of lime and butter. Each year in June, Belize holds Lobster Fest, which is celebrated for three days in San Pedro, Placencia and Caye Caulker. There are fishing competitions earlier in the day, but the real attraction is the food and music during the afternoon and evenings.

6. Ceviche:

Conch is tossed with lime juice, onion, tomato and capsicum and served cold with tortilla chips served on the side. The lime juice actually cooks the conch and gives it a delectable flavor.

7. Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce:

no matter what part of Belize you’re in, you won’t be far from this habanero pepper sauce. Keep an eye out for it in stores for your trip home!

My Three Favorite Drinks in Belize:

1. Cashew wine:

Just like the name implies, this wine is fermented from cashews. The result is a thick, syrupy wine that is served cut with soda or sparkling water.

2. Rum:

Thanks to the Caribbean influence, believes features countless for righties of high-quality rum. While you can drink it straight, most locals mix it with fruit juice.

3. Ginger beer:

My favorite drink on a hot day. Ginger beer is fermented ginger, lemon and oranges, which are then mixed in with spices and chilled. An ice cold ginger beer overlooking the beach is one of my favorite evening activities in Belize.

About the Author: Adam Costa is the author of Business in a Backpack, which shows people how to travel the world while running a business.

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