Why should conservation be important to kids?

Hi I am Andrea Gutierez and this is why I want to be an Eco-Kid:

Well when my Mom first suggested I enter the competition I was not so sure about it but after a bit of consideration I decided to enter. I think Belize needs some Eco-Kids because if you look at the streets you will see my point, garbage, garbage everywhere and so if I won I would try to share what I learnt at the camp. My friends and I already pick up all the garbage as far as my dad said we could go on the street where I live.

I do not know what biodiversity is but would love to find out. My parents work at BNE so I know all there is to know about that one natural resource, crude oil, but there are a lot more resources and I would be thrilled to learn about all of them.

The Maya were my ancestors through my dad’s side of the family so I would be keen to learn about them, the places they lived, the food they ate, their ceremonies and their environment. I also heard  that we would be going bird watching  I love birds which adds to my list of why I what to be an Eco-Kid.

But what attracts me the most is the traditional healing and the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce the pollution, Reuse glass bottles and Recycle plastic is all very important because they are a basic rule that makes our world a better place to live in.  I live at a ranch so traditional healing sounds good because almost every day someone gets a bruise or scrape or a hurt. And before I forget my school makes us do posters for Earth Day. I hope you like the paper!

Photo credit: Peacevillages.org

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