The Airlines Flying To Belize Right Now

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  1. From Frozen Beach to Tropical Heat
  2. From Frozen Mountains to Maya Mountains
  3. The Airlines Flying To Belize Right Now And Soon:
  4. From Frozen City to Warmhearted Town

Belize may only have one major international airport, but it still receives a flurry of flights filled with passengers excited to explore the tropical destination every day. When the country reopened for leisure travel a year ago, wanderlusters wasted no time in booking a safe and cautious vacation to our adventure-filled destination. This year, more airlines added new routes to Belize, with patient yet excitable potential new travelers wanting to see what all the hype is about. In fact, some of these travelers hail from vastly different destinations, meaning each experience in Belize is bound to be one for the books. 

From Frozen Beach to Tropical Heat

Those living in near-Arctic weather in Chicago come winter will be pleased to learn non-stop flights from the Windy City to Belize will resume on December 19th. United Airlines has added this route as a part of three of its additional flights for winter travel, which comes as a perfect time for snowbirds to book it to a warm country such as ours. Chicagoans may be no stranger to beaches thanks to the mammoth Lake Michigan lapping at its shores, but when the sun tanning and beach lounging cravings arise in December, there’s no better place than Belize to hit some sandy shores. For our friends freezing in Minnesota, Sun Country will also resume its seasonal non-stop three-hour flight to Belize from the Minneapolis-St.Paul international airport every Saturday. These twin-cities also boast their fair share of lakes with stellar beaches, but we don’t blame them for hightailing it to the Caribbean once their ubiquitous freezing temperatures make their appearance.

Belize is home to more than 400 islands, and any one of them will do a great job of getting those used to frozen beaches through the winter. Fly or take a water taxi to the famous Ambergris Caye and nap the day away at Secret Beach. Prefer something laid-back? Make some new friends at the Split at Caye Caulker as you wait for that killer sunset to arrive. Either way, these Belize beaches will be a stark reminder that you don’t have to endure glacial waters just to have a beachy getaway. 

From Frozen Mountains to Maya Mountains

Not many are aware that Belize’s wonders go well beyond the beaches, such as the expansive Maya Mountain range located inland. This range of peaks start on the westward side of the country, sloping down into the coast. Travelers from Denver will be able to witness this special type of mountain range that is different from the one back home. Known for their stunning Colorado Rockies, Denver has its own skiing playground right in their backyard. And while you can’t ski from the top of Victoria Peak – the second highest mountain in Belize – you can very well hike all the way to the summit. The mountain opens for hiking during the dry season, from February to June. This three to four day hike involves covering 27 kilometers each way, a feat we know Denverites won’t bat an eyelash at. Since they hold their snow-capped mountains near and dear to their hearts, they’ll be able witness the expansive Maya Mountains in person when traveling to the Cayo District this winter. Flights from the newly added Frontier Airlines, returning Southwest Airlines and United Airlines will all be available this holiday season. The latter will resume flights from Denver’s international airport on November 7th, while the other two start their routes in December.

The Airlines Flying To Belize Right Now And Soon:

  • American Airlines: Miami, Dallas, Charlotte & Los Angeles
  • Delta Airlines: Atlanta
  • United Airlines: Houston, Denver, Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles
  • Southwest Airlines: Houston, Denver
  • Alaska Airlines: Seattle, Los Angeles
  • Westjet: Toronto, Calgary
  • COPA Airlines: Panama City
  • Frontier Airlines: Orlando, Denver
  • Sun Country Airlines: Minneapolis
  • Tropic Air: Cancun, Flores, Roatan

From Frozen City to Warmhearted Town

san ignacio belize aerial wide photo

Speaking of escaping winter, Belize can be warm in more ways than one. Take San Ignacio Town, for instance, whose vibrant culture and their artistic way of life burns with a true radiance travelers gravitate toward time and again. It’s one thing to have your teeth chattering in New York City around wintertime and another to return a toothy-grin from a fellow San Ignacio resident with a smile of your own. We can’t argue with the beauty of Central Park dusted in stark-white snow, but San Ignacio’s own downtown park is a contender for those Instagram selfies. Especially since inland Belize’s own temperatures drop to a delicious 60 to 70 degrees when a cold front inevitably hits during December.

san ignacio farmers market fruit vendors
San Ignacio’s Farmers’ Market

To experience this Goldilocks-like weather when exploring painted murals and San Ignacio’s great culinary scene, New Yorkers can book their flight with United Airlines beginning on December 19th. Their winter getaway will soon have them replacing bagels for fry jacks during breakfast, and appreciating a true jungle sans the concrete.

To make the transition as striking yet easy as possible, they can opt to stay at a luxury lodge near town to truly fathom what it would be like to live amongst nature for a change. The Lodge at Chaa Creek offers this experience, where New Yorkers are bound to welcome the lack of grey-walled buildings, noisy traffic and bustling fast-paced living. You may have left a frozen city behind (at least, for a moment) but have now been welcomed into the warm embrace of an award-winning resort whose very staff are the epitome of good-natured hospitality. Get to know Chaa Creek at its core – how in no way it resembles something frigid. This is merely a reflection of San Ignacio town, where every interaction will feel like a warm blanket wrapping around you. Whether that’s sharing a conversation with the Maya organic farmers at Chaa Creek, or spending the day swapping stories with the vendors at San Ignacio’s farmer’s market.


There are many more ways for travelers to find their way to Belize, including various flight routes. For a list of all the airlines available, visit the Belize Tourism Board’s official travel website here

While winter may seem like the best time to visit Belize to escape the cold, there are still tons of activities available year-round to make your vacation produce memories lasting a lifetime. 

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