Wildlife Conservation & Eco Kids

My name is Esperanza Nesbitt.  I am 10 years old, and go to Barranco St. Joseph R.C. School.  I like animals and plants, and am interested in culture.

I am applying for the chaa creek eco kids camp. You offer certain skills that are hard to come by, and I would be more than pleased to learn them. One of my favorite subjects in school is social studies, so I will have lots of fun learning about Belizean cultures, especially the Maya culture.  I like animals and have many times before been a parent to a wild animal which is hurt or an orphan.

I want to be a eco kid so that I may learn to recycle things and make a better place out of our country. No matter how small I am I can always help my home country, especially if I live in Belize.

Once I had a pet bird. It was not an orphan, but it had fallen out of its nest and my cat had tried to eat it. So I decided to take care of it. Sometimes the baby bird and its parents would sit on my head while the mother fed the baby. I had him until he had a tragic death. Another time I had a baby opossum named Peter [he was not ugly], I trained him to climb the ladder to my bunk bed and to make noise if I said his name; Peter.

My little sister, Zephyr, likes to make potions and perfumes out of plants around the house, and seems to know exactly what plant to use. Just a few days ago she was using a little bitter berry she found outside the house to make a potion [it looked like blood]. I would be more than pleased if I knew the exact plants to use for medicine.

I like hiking, as a matter o f fact just a few days ago my family and I went hiking in the cockscomb range, when we got to the top of the hill we could look out and see Victoria’s peak.

I hope I am one of the girls that end up going to chaa creek’s summer camp, but if I am not I still had fun writing the essay.

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