An Earth Day 2024 Announcement From Belize’s Chaa Creek

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The Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek

Another chapter in the continuing story of The Lodge at Chaa Creek unfolds with a much loved area of Belize’s premier ecolodge having new life breathed into it.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize Family eco Resort

As part of our Earth Day 2024 celebrations, we’re excited to announce that the former Macal River Camp is about to emerge from its chrysalis and spread fresh wings later this year as the Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek.

Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek eco Belize Glamping

Those who lamented the temporary shuttering of the Camp in 2020 will celebrate the return of its many affordable attributes when it re-emerges refreshed as the Belize Rainforest Retreat in 2024.

eco glamping central america Belize The Lodge at Chaa Creek

An attribute that was a major attraction for many people was being so completely immersed in a pristine jungle setting. And not only with none of the inconveniences of camping, but by being welcomed to use the amenities of one of Belize’s best eco-lodges just a fifteen minute picturesque stroll or canoe paddle away.

However, and especially at first, many guests see no reason to leave the quiet rustic simplicity of the Rainforest Retreat.

Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek Eco pods

There’s something about being part of a little island of humanity in the midst of an unspoiled rainforest, alive with the songs and bright colours of tropical birds during the day, and the sounds of the jungle at night; a gentle serenade punctuated by the unmistakable roars of howler monkeys, the lonesome hoot of a night owl or the occasional cry of a big cat seeking a mate.

Howler Monkey at Belize Rainforest Retreat at the Chaa Creek Belize

After a day canoeing the lovely Macal River, horseback riding or hiking the miles of signposted trails running through the 400-acre private nature, or learning more about the jungle during a nature walk with a licenced naturalist guide, returning to the quiet glow of the kerosene lamps lighting your little jungle home and the cosy central palapa feels like a homecoming.

Accommodations Belize Rainforest Retreat at Cha Creek eco glamping

After a shower and change in spotless facilities, you’re ready to stroll over to the palapa and enjoy one of the delicious home cooked meals the Juarez family have become famous for. 

Belizean food cooked at the Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek San Ignacio

Later, sitting in the palapa or around the crackling campfire talking with old and new friends, perhaps listening to Docio, the Juarez family patriarch, share his local lore and history, or relaxing in a hammock on your private porch, you’re enjoying a perfect ending to another perfect day.

Eco Pods outdoor Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek Belize

And tomorrow awaits…

Chaa Creek’s Rainforest Retreat’s location makes it the perfect base for exploring Belize’s many ancient Maya sites. Just as Chaa Creek’s central location made it such an important trading and agricultural hub during the ancient Maya civilisation, that same proximity makes it easy today to explore neighbouring Xunantunich, nearby Cahal Pech and Caracol, with access to major metropolises like Caracol (whose Canaan remains the tallest building in Belize today) and Tikal in Guatemala, as well as Belize’s fascinating Maya ceremonial caves, with artefact-rich Actun Tunichil Muknal (aka ATM) as the crown jewel.

Xunantunich Maya archeological Reserva Belize

Then there’s another aspect to the Belize Rainforest Retreat’s location that offers another type of perfect day – close proximity to its parent resort, The Lodge at Chaa Creek

The Lodge At Chaa Creek Belize premier eco Resort

The lovely walk above the Macal River would be an example of “it’s the journey, not the destination,” except for the Lodge being such a satisfying destination.

Canoeing onsite activities Chaa Creek Belize

Guests at the Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek are welcome to free wifi connectivity, use of the pool, optional professional treatments at Hilltop Spa, and dining at the Mariposa Restaurant, where our onsite Maya Organic Farm allows our chefs to redefine regional and classic international cuisine with a true farm-to-table approach. 

Sustainable tourism at The Lodge at Chaa creek Organic Maya Farm

All while reducing food miles.

As for all Chaa Creek guests, guided tours of the Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, and early morning birding walks with a naturalist guide are all included gratis with Belize Rainforest Retreat accommodation.

Birding at the Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek

Earth Day 2024

There are several good reasons for announcing the opening of the revitalised Belize Rainforest Retreat later this year on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

  • The announcement that visitors have a rare opportunity to get close to nature with none of the air, noise and light pollution of everyday life on April 22 dovetails with our theme that “Every Day is Earth Day” at the Belize Rainforest Retreat At Chaa Creek.
  • An April 22nd announcement makes Chaa Creek part of the largest civic event on Earth, joining billions of people from 192 countries around the world actively taking part in Earth Day activities.
  • The global theme of Earth Day 2024 is “The Planet vs Plastics.”  Here in Belize, single use plastic and styrofoam have been banned since March 2022. Even though the realities of the covid pandemic have slowed this effort, little Belize is protecting the world’s second largest barrier reef, and firmly on the frontlines in the global fight against plastic pollution in our planet’s oceans.
  • Similarly, The Lodge at Chaa Creek has been quietly doing its part, with a long list of Green initiatives that includes giving guests souvenir aluminium water bottles they can refill at stations using state-of-the-art filtration systems to discourage the sale of plastic bottles. The BRR will employ similar strategies in ensuring that “Every Day Is Earth Day” at Chaa Creek.

Ever since 1981, when they opened it as Belize’s first true eco-lodge, Chaa Creek’s owners stressed that education was an essential component of responsible, regenerative travel – as reflected in their private 400-acre Nature ReserveNatural History Centre, and the Maya Organic Farm that reduces food miles while encouraging visitors to learn about organic farming and gardening.

Revitalising the Belize Rainforest Retreat allows our guests to experience the beauty of nature first hand, and to appreciate the need to protect the Earth’s fragile balance of flora, fauna, and people.

Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek facilities group travel eco

You’ll be hearing more about the Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek this year, and we invite you to come visit and experience nature in her unspoiled beauty, while enjoying the comforts of sustainably-built environments.

We hope you’ll join us in making every day an Earth Day!   

Earth day Belize

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