Springtime Birds and Bargains at Chaa Creek

The April to July mating season for hundreds of bird species in lush rainforests combined with twenty per cent discounts for the entire month of May presents an extraordinary opportunity to discover the amazing bird life of Belize, Chaa Creek marketing administrator Larry Waight said today. [pullquote]Belize is home to one of the world’s largest and most eclectic populations of native and migratory birds, with over 308 species recorded at Chaa Creek alone.[/pullquote]

Belize is home to one of the world’s largest and most eclectic populations of native and migratory birds, with over 308 species recorded at Chaa Creek alone, Mr Waight said.

“For years Chaa Creek has been hosting the Birds without Borders program, initiated by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee and the Foundation for Wildlife, so we’re in the happy position of being very familiar with our avian wildlife, and our naturalist guides are certainly the most well versed in Belize when it comes to identifying birds and understanding their habitats and habits.

“This is a knowledge we’re most happy to pass onto interested visitors, and as word spread that we’re the place to be in Belize for birding, we developed an all-inclusive bird watching package that opens up all of the other naturalist and recreational activities of our 365 acre nature resort with a special focus on bird watching,” Mr Waight said.

Belize, with one of the most varied ecosystems in the world, having Caribbean islands and beaches only hours away from the Maya mountains, rich rainforests, broad savannahs and rolling pastureland, is home to a wide range of wildlife, making it a highly regarded destination for bird watchers and birding groups the world over.

For expert and casual bird watchers alike Belize presents exciting opportunities to view toucans, trogons, humming birds, parrots and many other bird species in pristine native environments.
“We’ve had people come to Chaa Creek with absolutely no birding experience or interest, and after a guided nature walk or canoeing down the Macal river go home with an exciting new hobby, and we see them the next year with the knowledge and equipment of an expert birder,” Mr Waight said.

The Chaa Creek all-inclusive Birds of Belize Adventure vacation package offers five nights’ accommodation and meals and all on-site activities including tours of the Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm and Belize Rainforest Medicine Trail, fully guided tours including an early morning birdwatching expedition to Laguna Aguacate, full day birding excursions to the Mountain Pine Ridge and combined birding/archaeological tours of the ancient Maya temple cities of Caracol, Tikal and El Pilar, and a Birding Canoe Trip on the Macal River.

“This is a great way to explore the best parts of Belize while getting an intimate, comprehensive course in the area’s bird population. And while it is available all year long, the whopping 20% off during the month of May makes booking now an amazingly affordable way to explore Belize while having the casually luxurious birding expedition of a lifetime,” Mr Waight said.


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