9 Awesome Reasons Why You’ll Love Belizean Winter

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  1. 9 Reasons Why Winter In Belize Is The Most Enjoyable Of Them All!
    1. 1 Absolutely No Frost In Belize
    2. 2 Sunny Beaches
    3. 3 Affordable Flights
    4. 4 Extreme Adventures
    5. 5 Unspoiled Landscapes
    6. 6 Homely Christmas traditions
    7. 7 Colorful Culture
    8. 8 Scrumptious food
    9. 9 Wild Wildlife

9 Reasons Why Winter In Belize Is The Most Enjoyable Of Them All!

Everyone loves Belize, it’s not a matter of if but when – here are our favorite things about Belizean “winters”

1 Absolutely No Frost In Belize

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What’s the most defining feature of winter? Hands down – snow capped everything. At least in the north; here in Belize, there’s no sign of frost for the “winter” months. What do we have instead is a warm climate and clear skies all year round. We know scarves and hot chocolate are nice, but a beach towel in one hand and a panty ripper cocktail in the other are much better! ;). See our guide on Belize Weather for more information.

2 Sunny Beaches


The above being said; clear skies brings warm sunshine. We all know that light touches everywhere the sun looks and our beaches are no exceptions. Belize has white sand capped coasts instead of snow-capped mountains and while you can’t snowboard on them, you can totally get a tan, or take a dip!

3 Affordable Flights

With the latest introduction of flights from carriers like Westjet and Southwest airlines, getting to Belize has literally never been easier. Gone are the days that our friends from Canada had long layovers in US cities, these days you can have breakfast in Toronto and dinner in the Belizean rain forest!. Moreover than quick, getting here has never been more affordable.

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4 Extreme Adventures


Who said the adventures expired when explorers mapped all of the Americas? New experiences are abundant in Belize since there’s usually more than one way to experience our favorite attractions. Done scuba in the blue hole? Why not skydive into it next? Gotten soaked by the spray under the falls in the Maya Mountains? Why not do a fly-by of them all in a helicopter? The only limit is your imagination.

Check out these 17 epic things to do in and around San Ignacio for adventure examples! 

5 Unspoiled Landscapes


with a population density that averages off at around 43.7 people per square mile, much of Belize’s land remains unpopulated. There are some stretches of land in this little country that could go weeks or even months and not be tread by people. Thanks in part to that, much of our natural habitats remain untouched –  rare plants flourish in their very own havens away from interference. Even our Reef and some islands remain safe from the prying or human occupation and luckily you can at the very least visit many of these places for a look!

6 Homely Christmas traditions

Have you ever refrained from traveling for the holidays because you really don’t want to miss on all the traditional Christmas food that is passed around at the family dinner table? Perhaps it’s the other Christian traditions you’re afraid to miss. Belize has totally got you covered – Many Belizeans are Christian by faith and not only practice all the official ceremonies and festivities but thanks to Television and missionary influence ham and turkey dinners for the holidays are standard fare here, with a local twist of course!

7 Colorful Culture


Belize is frequently described as a melting pot for different cultures and peoples. Many people call here home and each of them chips in a little slice of themselves to make this place a grand old time. Fun phrases, different attitudes, and beliefs all meld together here and you could be talking to laid back sea-faring mestizo fishermen one moment then an industrious Mennonite farmer the next, and maybe even in the same room. Many different strokes weave through each other’s lives and there’s certainly something to learn from everyone here.

Want to know more about our cultures? Check them out here!

8 Scrumptious food


Speaking of different cultures brings us to our next point – Different foods! If food is an essential part of life then why not make it as astonishing as everything else you do? Any Belizean will tell you; we love to eat. With a love for eating food comes, of course, a love for making food and a necessity to make it good! There are so many delectable, hearty meals on the Belizean menu like Sere soup and the quintessential Rice & Beans – which is much more than it sounds like – that you could easily spend a lifetime falling in love with time and time again.

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9 Wild Wildlife


A short while ago we mentioned to you unspoiled landscapes and how they’re uninhabited. We lied, sort of. Many of the landscapes in Belize are uninhabited by humans, but very much inhabited by nature’s people. These animals are wild and are unused to humans so your chances of seeing them are slim to none (unless you’re bird watching). If you want to get a glance of what our jungle friends look like The Belize zoo is a wonderful place to stop by. The zoo is a place for rescues to call home and is inhabited solely by native species.

These are just some of our favorite reasons why to love Belize in winter and in general. We’re sure there’s a lot more to discover out there…

Are 9 reasons not enough for you? Come to Belize this winter and make even more to add to this list!

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