Chaa Creek – A Great Belize Eco Resort to Stay Says USA Today

The Lodge at Chaa Creek has been listed by USA Today as a top eco resort in the world to stay in an article entitled “10 great places to check into an eco lodge”  written by Irene Lane. USA Today is a national American daily newspaper that was founded in 1982 and has the widest circulated print in the United States.

The article highlighted eco lodges from ten countries: USA, Costa Rica, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Czech Republic and of course Belize.

“They’ve got some phenomenal multi-day packages. You can go horseback riding and hiking. It’s a nature, wildlife-active vacation in an extremely comfortable setting,” Lane wrote about Chaa Creek.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is Belize’s first luxury eco resort and is situated within a private 365 acre nature reserve in a pristine Belizean rainforest. Miles of well-maintained trails link numerous ancient Maya sites and the Maya temple of Tunichilen as well as a professional Hilltop Spa, the Butterfly Farm, Natural History Centre, fine dining restaurant, jungle lounge, pool and other amenities.

“If you’d like more than 24 hours to celebrate Sunday’s Earth Day, maybe it’s time for an eco vacation. A growing number of lodges adhere to green values, offering nature adventures in a sustainable setting. But you don’t have to rough it. You’re not sleeping on a straw mat on a dirt floor. There are opportunities to stay in very comfortable accommodations”, Irene Lane said in the article.

To read the full article, go to 10 great places to check into an eco lodge.

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